You have a lot of earwax

  1. His hair like this and his face makes it look something like someone else.
  2. His blue coat is pretty too.
  3. The leaves are falling from the sky and the trees are sad that they have to go to sleep until the new year comes back around again with the spring.
  4. You feel like this because it feels like this is the last chance that we have to deal with this. The last chance to reach forward for upward mobility.
  5. Isn’t the sound too loud?
  6. You should turn it down and listen to things quietly/
  7. Take a break from all of this.
  8. Is there a door which you don’t let people go through?
  9. Of course, there is a door.
  10. Everyone has a door. It is something that can be opened but it’s something that people like to leave closed.
  11. You have a lot of earwax.
  12. You definitely have a lot of earwax.
  13. Maybe we should clean our ears.
  14. Maybe we should just clean our ears before all of this descends into madness.
  15. It already has.
  16. Are you thirsty?
  17. I am sure that you are as this was the first drink that you had had all day.
  18. We should remind you of it more often.
  19. Time is just something that is flowing past.
  20. It is something that can help and hurt you and of course, we are all slowly dying.
  21. Wow, he is something that is really bad. He did something that really can’t be forgiven and now he wants to get away with it by using money.
  22. I hope that he never meets her again.
  23. There isn’t a lot of time left with this thing either.
  24. What would you have said if that had been the answer that was given?
  25. The end is never the end is never the end. Things continue to happen even after the ending.
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His hair is very pretty

In the case that these things are working then they are things that will help us all deal with the bad things that have happened.

They are very sure.

They are sure that the mint flavour will go away in time.

You are not the enemy. You are someone that has helped us get to this point and you are someone that is doing things the right way for me all of this time.

Remember all of the thoughts that you had when starting this.

Fishing through those thoughts to find the memories of happy times.

He didn’t but he was good.

Before I think that they are certainly very sad moments.

If you met that person again?

I was wondering about that as well, what would be done upon them meeting again. She was hurt a lot last time.

It’s the sort of hurt that really caused a lot of problems.

How many thoughts do you have in your head?

I am really sorry, but I would like to take back the script once more in order to change the story a little.

Her red lipstick is very pretty.

I think that is more of a pink colour than a red colour.

Do you think that there are moments when we too can be that cool?

Those leaves are probably covered in dog wee.

Dog wee.

I don’t think that is something that can be solved that easily.

She looks like that and all sorts of cool and stuff.

I am stiff and you are stuff.

These are thoughts that are filled with sadness. Sadness that can be felt. Sadness that can never be dropped.

It is something very sad.

His hair is very pretty.

It looks much better than it did when it was longer.

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Pink is too girly, girly

  1. I did but she says that she doesn’t want to waste it.
  2. How did we get this far into this?
  3. I am sure that there are definitely problems in this.
  4. I think that she fell asleep whilst watching this and it kept going until the end.
  5. Are you sure that you can do all of these things at the same time.
  6. Would she do this if she wasn’t
  7. I really like his coat this time. It is still very 80’s but pretty this grey colour.
  8. It was a really ugly brown colour before.
  9. She looks very cold.
  10. It certainly is very cold. Winter is coming to us. Winter is definitely something that will come to the people that are standing here.
  11. This relationship really is going to need a lot of work if they want to get back together.
  12. Pink.
  13. Pink isn’t something that she would like to wear herself.
  14. Pink is too girly, girly.
  15. Yup. I mean she has that cherry blossom dress but that is only because it’s cherry blossom. She likes blue and green much more than the other colours.
  16. Writing the story, do you think that it is something that will happen this year.
  17. No
  18. Think of all the stories that we have started writing over the years and how much of them actually made it to an ending.
  19. The word count.
  20. The word count of all of them must be very big by now.
  21. We should have been more honest with ourselves.
  22. It could have been very sad to think about all of these things.
  23. No everything lasts. There are people that are better off apart too.
  24. Is this a choice that shouldn’t have been made.
  25. Are you okay with the things that would have to be done in this case?
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She cried today

It was an important night.

Something that was needed to happen.

She cried today

She did

It was a pretty low moment.

You would have cried too

I’m surprised frankly that it’s taken this long to sort out the whole thing.

He doesn’t want anyone to be able to follow him

Them they who where why

When are we going on the windowsill?

Who are we really dealing with?

You should go to the bottom of the sea and look at all of the other cute little fishes that live down there

There aren’t all that many cute things living at the bottom of the ocean.

I would like to write in another place.

In another place.

A six dollar steak…how much is that in pounds.

In pounds.

Not a lot of money.

How is kneeling less respectful than standing up?

Kneeling down is definitely more respectful than standing. That’s what you do when you get knighted by the queen at least.


This is just a bad situation

Moving onwards! This cat is a very pretty cat. I see why everyone likes it

But this mint is a very minty mint and it’s burning her tongue as she waits to watch the new episode.

Then tell her to spit it out.

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Every generation has it’s struggle

This position is bringing you pain, isn’t it?

Of course, it is every position brings her pain

Should we lay flat out?

I don’t think that that would be such a good idea

She has acid reflux right at this moment.

His jumper is pretty.

You need to have a proper conversation.

There are so many candles and pretty lights.

Every generation has its struggle but they cant see the ones that follow after them

They forget the pain as we move away from it.

How many people will we lose over time?

How many people will have to be said goodbye to?

What should we wash the floor with?

What should we wash with what should we wash

Should we watch?

Brush your teeth when the sun comes back and go in the shower and go out on the bike that makes you happy and understands how unfit you are.

How many crabs were eaten like this?

The distance has been created again.

Distance between them.

I think things in the next episode will be stranger than in this one

Her fingers are going to be worn away to nubs by the time that all of this is done.

Filter through the sadness that you are feeling.

He sounds a lot like Hong Ki when he talks like that.


This is the moment that we should get to the bottom of the problem.


You need to add the other words.

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I’m firing my laser

How do you think that we got married?

Most people date. Most people date like this.

He is still wearing that awful suit though.

Is your stomach still a little sour.

Let’s all just cuddle in the night.

I hear the sirens as well, something must be happening somewhere.

I didn’t think that something like that would be possible.

We are both bad at these sort of things.

Is your back better than it was before

It was better earlier but then a great deal of things happened to us.

What should we listen to tomorrow?

Did that count as a response to all of this.

it’s the thoughts that we all have in our heads.

I guess

His hair is very fluffy like a puppy.

Wasnt he in something else that we have watched before.

Definitely, I think he was a police officer then

So much grass.

There are so many things that we need to be

I love the computer sounds.

I’m firing my laser.

Everyone is being very rude to her.

Everyone is being very rude right now.

This one is very cute.

And very smooth.

Looking for a dog named Bok Nam that turned out to be a human man.

That smile though.


Should e raise something like that too?

Why are we so pink and yellow

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Her lips are very mauve

Remember all of the good things for later.

These aren’t things that we cant get over.

His lips are very purple.

Her lips are very mauve.

The shoes are shiny and hers are comfortable.

It would have been something that was filled octopus.

This is how you make friends you know, going through all of these types of troubles.

Why do we have to print so many different things?

I wish they would do it themselves.

The bottles are so cute in the pattern that they are standing.

Let’s not fight in a restaurant.

There are so many things to be done.

There are so many things.

Tie the tie.

Make it pink and nice.

He is so thick to not notice this

We wouldn’t have either

She might have if this wasn’t something this complicated and about romance.

We haven’t dated like this.

We haven’t dated at all

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Click click click click

Pictures should be taken in order to maintain this memory.

Everyone is trying to make space for each other.

It must be annoying

It really would be

Oww, we could have done something better than this.

I really dislike this guys suit. It is a very unappealing colour.

It would be very uncomfortable for them to wear that.

That is a lot of blood coming out of his nose.

I really like her dress though.

Roses so many white roses.

Those sinks look a lot like mini cauldrons the type that witches use.

Octopus pie, octopus sausage

Is there such a thing

I think so

If you can get fish sausage then you can get octopus ones.

He has very brown eyes.

This is how you win over mothers.

You need to click your toes.

You should make sure to watch

You might have

E could have I think it’s better to remember.

Remember all of the good things for later.

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Ew kissing

Also, find out the things that you wanted to say that you typed earlier.

Kissing like this is weird


But other people think that they have a connection.


They certainly get on.

You only lay on this one with oily hair.


This cat will get very fat/

If they keep feeding it like this yet

Her lips are very red.

Eww, kissing.


Drink more juice.

You need to talk to someone about the bad things too.


Well, this is certainly more awkward than i thought that it would be.


I am hungry too.

This purple thing is pretty but also ugly.

And here we take a rest for a little while.

We are typing we are typing across stormy waters to be near you to be here.


They are aren’t they

How many times can you make your neck click?

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Remember to take the book

I would like to call historical inaccuracy. Babies clothes back then were all white.

Because you could just boil the hell out of them without worrying about colour fading.

Her hair doesn’t look any different from before.

Oh, it’s that actor again.

He has a very strange head shape.

It’s not a bad thing, it just draws your attention to his face.

This speech is too long.

They are totally me at a party

Well, those things cant hurt you.

You just keep having bad things happen to you.

His coat reminds me of the 80’s.

It’s because of the colour men around here don’t tend to wear coats that look like that.


They don’t wear coats at all.

Not even in winter.

Not even in the snow.

It is something that we should have been happy about.

You are really doing a lot right now.

Things should be saved properly.

That poster just keeps making me more and curious about things.

What are you curious about.

Well, what is going on with her body would be nice to know but I am not sure if anyone else knows quite what else is going on.

What is going on in your head behind all of the other thoughts?

It was certainly something worth thinking about.

Remember to take the book.

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