I am scared

She seems to feel a little sick.

That’s because there is a little too much soup in here at the moment.

Everybody knows it’s there.

Yes they do, i mean it’s a pretty big pyramid, so that is kind of hard to miss.

We are listening to a lot of pyramid related things.

Imagine being in space, i think that would be very scary.

I am scary.

I am scared.

I was scared.

We are scared of scary things.

Her shoulder is hurting again. We should make her shoulder… we should make her go in the bath again.

Her thoughts are racing again.

What about the story that we were making?

I think she wil get to it later today, it’s just that she didnt realise that the blog buffer had gotten so low.

We have to have a more cosy buffer for when things on the course get intense.

All the work will be starting soon.

We are writing things that are important and all of the things shall be grand.

Grand piano.

It sounds so good.

I feel so good.

I feel so good.

Yay I love this song.

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It has nuts in it

I have a very good idea of what was going on.

My thought is that her back was very painful.

Her boobs are really hurting and we might have to go.

We did go and she got a bra on her.

Let’s move away from underwear talk. Please for the sake of everyone let’s move onto another topic.

Isn’t there a chocolate bar that’s called a Topic.


It has nuts in it.


If you do that your head will fall clean off of your body.

Make her brush her teeth tonight.

I am here in the midnight moonlight.

The moonlight lies upon the stone.

The stone that is magical and filled with the love of unicorns.

Unicorn love.

Is the best kind of love.

Love, love, love.

I wanted to love but I think that she is not capable of such things.

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Jelly flavoured jelly

Well, that sounds like a recipe for a bad smell.

I would like to write a recipe.

What sort of recipe would you like to write about?

Like a dragon filled with custard.

Dragons are flying past the window.

Very filled with custard.

Jelly flavoured jelly.

Wow, what an interesting jelly invention.

An invention was something made from jelly.

The jelly that I would like to eat is one that is made nice.

The crocodile that is sitting over there…

What about it?

We made it at Christmas time.

A pen with two caps is laying there.

How many scarves does she have left to make? Because there are a lot of things in the bag.

I’m not sure.

I am sure that there are knitting needles that are more bent again.

You can fix that.

I can fix that.

In the sea.

In the sea, there are things that we can eat.

I don’t think so.

I want seaweed.

I want never gets.

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Jellyfish season

Great, we started again.

Of course, we did.

We did start again amongst the woollen things that she has made.

A thick board of wood is found among the leaves.

Is it your brain? Because you were rather thick…

Be nice to one another, please.

Yes, be nice.

I want a fish.

A goldfish?

No a pterodactyl.

That sir is not a fish. I think that you will find that that is a dinosaur.

A dinosaur.

I am filled with sand from the beach.

The beach is filled with the glowing bodies of thousands of jellyfish.

Well, it is jellyfish season.

Jellyfish season.

Freckly freckles.

Oh dear, we are filled with bats.

Bats are pretty cute.

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I am made of glass

Listening to these things make me scared.

They make me excited.

They would make you excited…

A car is an important vehicle.

A vehicle that we are not in possession of.

I know. We do not need it.

We do not need one.

I am going to make her learn how to ride a bike.

She really does want to ride one.

Is the garden filled with the memories of the sky?

In the sky, there are diamonds and lighthouses shining their lights down upon us.

I would like to shine in the night.

Books are open. Books are open on the desk.

I am made of glass.

Glasses are comfortable to wear.

Yes, they are.

I would like some.

But you do not need them,

I know but I would still like to wear them.

In the dark of the night…

Evil will find her.

Deep in the night.

I would like to know why there is so much music in here in this brain of hers.


A/n: I just want to say that as this is apparently the 200th episode! Somehow I made it here to this rather illustrious point. I want to say thank you to everyone that reads this blog and its posts, although I’m not quite sure why you do.

This started as a request from the mental health professionals that were looking after me in 2012 as a way for them to see what was actually going on. I was finding it very hard to express what my voice hearing was like.

Very few of them seemed able to believe the number and style of voices I was experiencing. Those that did believe also had a hard time understanding what the reality of it is like.

So it became something that was very useful to me. Just being able to give people a piece of paper that they can read is very useful.

The blog itself started as a way of sharing my experiences with other people. A way of showing what it’s like to hear voices, for me at least it’s like this all day, every day. It’s very hard to find media about voice hearing created by people that actually experience it and so… I just wanted to hold my hand out. To open my heart and head.

Also, I’m going to talk to my doctor about getting referred back to the local psychosis team. Things have been a bit overwhelming lately.



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What mine?

Bringing out the lie detector was a good idea and means that things are really getting serious.

But… they’re not legal. I mean they aren’t precise or anything.

Yeah, the police don’t use them, so where did you get that one from?

From the deepest darkness of the mines.

What mine?

A coal mine? A tin mine?


A diamond mine?

No. A treacle mine.

If you think that the stockings that I am wearing are expensive, you are very wrong. They are in fact very cheap.

I thought that you could only get bla-red ones.

Are you going to the dance?

I want very desperately to go but Mother says that I do not have an appropriate dress for such a fancy occasion.

Then, my dear friend, you shall absolutely have to wear one of mine.

Fishes are filled with a special kind of magic. A magic of slipping and slapping.

The fish slapping dance is fun to watch.

I have a watch somewhere.

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Leaky bags

Everything is great and everything is something that has nothing but fish.

Why are you wiggling like a jelly?

She’s worried about just sitting here at the desk and not doing a lot of exercise.

It’s not good for her body.

She needs a better body.

We are trying to make that into a thing. We are slowly going to make that into a thing.

He was ordered to be placed in a state mental institution.

Um… memories of the podcast are leaking through.

Like those new food bags that aren’t great. They just leak everywhere.

Leaky bags.

Leaky bags aren’t great.

You know what is great though?


The fact that we did the work that we needed to do.

More like she shut us out and then managed to sort it out for herself.


Getting it done is what is important.

I think that we should get the earbuds though. I think that that would be important.

Tell her to get on with writing that personal statement of hers though.

Ir needs to be done by the 17th of October.

If she doesn’t sort it out she won’t be able to go to uni and that is what all of this sacrifice is for.

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Why does her period…

It could have been a dragon.

In a fish tank?

Yes. You never know what might be in there!

I wonder what is really in there.

A jellyfish is something that I really like.

Good for you.

Why is she so hot right now?

I don’t know. It’s just a hot day I think.

How many do you think she can eat of these things?

I think that she is pretty set on eating that potato soup these days,

You mean today?

Why does her period…

That’s kind of personal to be talking about it like out here among people.

I don’t care and she doesn’t care about it either,

I think that she should talk about it to the doctor.

Me too it’s not normal and although a lot of it is probably down to her weight and the stress she’s going through, it’s worrying.

Everyone is going to have to help her through all of the things that are going to go down on Monday,

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A lot of cheese on the moon

If that happens then what are we supposed to do?

I suppose we should go to the moon.

There is a lot of cheese there.

A lot of cheese on the moon.

A lot of cheese on the moon?

I think that you are going to have to stand up in order to get this going

She should be writing up science work but instead, I am doing this because the thought of it literally won’t leave her mind.

The light was blinding.

Short bedtime stories?

What else would we be able to write at this time in our lives?

I don’t understand why she is doing all of this right now, but I am going to support her.

Why aren’t we telling her to make notes on the books that she took out of the library? That would be something that would actually help her.

But she hasn’t been making things and that is the main source of her therapy. So that is probably why we keep telling her to do things that are going to help her to calm down.

If we go back and they offer us art therapy then you 100% have to take it.

It might not be at a time when we can actually go to it though.

I know that, but if it’s for therapy she won’t feel bad about taking time out of work to do it.




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What a cute lion

Her wrists are going to be really swollen later on.

Later on.

What a cute lion.

Why can we all never open the bottle when we need to that is something that I would like to ask you all.

I like the pink hat in the background.

How many conversations have we had about how caps and hats are not for us.

She has a really square face.

This guy is a really bad person.

Well, we all know that now don’t we?

Well, today went well until recently.

I really wish that they wouldn’t argue with one another. It makes her really really anxious about anything.

That you know of.

That you know about.

This man is also a very bad man but he definitely has something wrong with his brain.

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