Dramatic dragons

Dramatic dragons.

How many

That is a sad childhood to have

We don’t need to do something like that.

If I hear anyone say something again I am going to lose my mind.

Oh yes, they were counting on his colourblindness to get through this but he managed to do it.

They really managed to do all of this.

He would be a very great police officer/

It is something that is very sad.

Sadness that flows like a river

Why should his disability make him not able to do this job

It’s not something that really affects his ability to do it right.

I want to wander among the streets where we played as children in those rain filled days;

We need to make a copy of all of this for everyone.

Should we just give them a copy of this?

Yes, we should make sure of that.

Can you find the eels we left in the bucket?

Can you find the eels?

The next day is something that will bring many people sadness.

I would have knitted you the blanket if you had asked for it

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Caves are filled with bats

Everything has its own version of the truth.

The truth is a different colour to everyone that is looking at it.

Some like to cover the truth and others like to unearth it.

Upon the hill was a champion that butterflies landed upon. He wore a helmet covered in the butterflies that loved him so. Their wings flapped o beautifully and then they mesmerized his components helping him to win the fight.

Typing this is not as important as the other things. You should be doing this.

We will bleep all of this.

We are still safe here.

In an interview, we are here in the room but make sure that they know who we are.

Have you been to the river this year?

I have been to the river.

Goats have wandered up the side of the mountain, it was them that found the sacred cave.

Caves are filled with bats.

Many bats within the Uk are considered to be endangered.

One of the native bats is called a pipistrelle bat.

There is a lot of rustling going one in the background of the entire thing.

Rustle rustle rustle.

How many noises can be heard?

It is not something that you should talk about with others.

Unhappy moments

Happy moments.

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These dolphins are trained, don’t get on the wrong side of them.

Don’t get on the wrong side of these highly trained dolphins. I am sure that they would have done some very dangerous things.

Oh no we need to save them.

It is sad that fishing has caused these sorts of problems.

I want to watch the end of that programme that we have been watching.

I want never gets. You know that she needs to finish this thing.

If we miss you out tell us so that we can tell you how much we love you.

I love you. You love me.

Giving all of this is very tiny

Tiny little things.

Tiny little things.

Things that are things.

Going all the way to California for this is something filled with gallbladders.


Bold and tasty flavours.

She says that she might throw up.

Throw up all over yourself.

Save this somewhere better.

Even foxes listen to the news.

I am sure that they do.

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A lot less sugar

Life on life.

There is a lot of job-related snobbery going on right here right now.

What is that supposed to mean?

Gekos are an animal that i would like to look at somehow in nature and all of that stuff.

Wild things are wild.

There are a lot of different types of viruses and at least one of them is a form of meningitis.

Growing one of them is very dangerous because all of these things are very dangerous.

Dumping all of the mud into the pool seemed like it would have been something fun but in fact, all that happened was that we made a big mess that needed to be cleaned up.

I remember when you made the face that could have saved Axel.

It was a face that could have been made at the end of all of the many things that could have been done.

Why would you have asked her to make a facial expression right after she had botox done to her face?

I was eating a lot of Eccles cakes.

They are nice

I want some

We need to eat a lot less sugar.

A lot less sugar.

It would be better for our teeth.

He could have done a lot of these things in an easier way.

We have a lot of problems with her feet and hands.

I think that you are developing tendonitis from all of this writing and typing that we have been doing.

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  1. Bears are really filled with honey and salmon
  2. Sal-mon, sal-mon, sal-mon.
  3. It’s a fish that is very pink on the inside.
  4. Kindness is filled with jelly that they are giving me the bottom of the gear-filled fish related garden types that we were going for.
  5. Very well.
  6. Very well well well.
  7. Bringing the bottom of the well.
  8. That is something that is very interesting the well has returned again.
  9. Yes but that happens usually when she is sad. She is not that sad.
  10. Are interviews something that we are sure about bringing the basic things are on the way to the bottom of the fish
  11. This is a very fish related moment
  12. A fish related moment is better than a period related moment.
  13. The failure and the success things can stand on either side.
  14. On either side of the road, there are ducks how do we get them to get them across the road safely?
  15. If the father wasn’t’ around much, there were many factors that there was the rain we liked to get her out of here.
  16. Something that is this successful  could be something that we can tap into
  17. Tap into the tap
  18. There are sex nerds apparently.
  19. Who would have climbed the wall? Climbing the wall was certainly something that would have been getting here and all of that.
  20. A different perspective…
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Bad, bad fish

  1. Yes it is
  2. It’s been awhile since I heard that song.
  3. We had food in the darkest points of the butter pie. There is this thing called a butter pie.
  4. So we are here looking at the sunset
  5. Finding something like that seems like it will be very bad for you.
  6. Antidotes are purely for poisonings.
  7. The beer will get very very warm if you leave it there.
  8. If you leave it there bad things will happen to you.
  9. Like getting very unhappy.
  10. That is something that will cause something to happen to you.
  11. Everything causes something to happen to you.
  12. She should go to bed.
  13. I would want to go to bed but I think about the right way things are going.
  14. Jumping down to the bottom of the sea wasn’t something that you would have thought that giving things returned to the places that they were before.
  15. You should have just done something that they are better getting to the top.
  16. Interviews are really bad.
  17. Really bad fish are really bad.
  18. Bad bad fish
  19. Never going down to the bottom on the pulling place.
  20. Very well
  21. Very well done
  22. Now we are going before the bed that was at the bottom of the bears.
  23. Bears are really tasty.
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I would like you to like it

We like it

They like it

People on the moon like it.

Moons are very special things that can be seen in the sky.

A very dark coloured moon is considered to be very special.

Special things were started on the dark side of the moon.

But you’re not supposed to call it the dark side of the moon anymore because it’s only dark to us. You’re supposed to call it the far side of the moon now.

There are too many changes in this information.

It’s science, science changes over time as better and more accurate information is found.

How many calcium molecules are in Alpha- Glucose?

None…I think that you mean carbon. How many carbons are in Alpha-glucose? That’s what you meant to ask.

I’m sure that is why he wanted to ask a broken question.

Doesn’t really matter, we all know what was trying to be said.

How long should we wait for all of this to be over?

Just as long as it takes for it all to be over.

Over and over. Over and over. Over and over again.

Again and again and again and again.


That’s a 2pm song.

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How is that going to help the rubbish fire that is going on in her life right now?

We just have to make her do some work.

Just make her do some work.

She might need more time than we are being given.

The teacher said that he would give us more time if we asked for it.

Make sure that she asks for it if she needs it. She’s not good at asking for help.

Neither are we good at helping her to realize that sort of stuff.

We certainly screw up her perception and everything.


This call is scary

This call is very scary

You need to brush your teeth

She is going to do it once she gets to the point that she wants to.

I really like listening to this show and I know that she enjoys it too.

It’s a good show.

Do we have any of the green mouthwash?

Yes, we do. We do have the green mouthwash!

I like that one.

I don’t like it

I would like to like it.

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That has to be something that meant a lot of things to the person it was meant for.

This water is very cold.

This water is very cold.

Fish fishes fish, fish, fishes.

There are so many different things that you can eat.

Is your stomach still in trouble?

Be sure that the mango is filled with lime flavours is saved for when you need it.

There are keys that keep secrets that are within the station.

Isn’t that the name of the collaboration channel?

So we have decided to upload things then?

Is that something that can be done in the time that we have.

I don’t know we will have to do something with what time we have in the days to come.

Drinking, drinking is that something that we would want to do.

There is an understanding of the things that can be done to save people that can be done here in the reasons filed with reasons.

Following the fishes was harder than I thought that it would be.

You came back to typing then?

Of course, she did, she can hardly take this computer with her to college now can she?

There’s no need to fight guys.

There is no need to fight.

I would like to help everyone.

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Coming along the thing along the corridor and that’s all very scary.

You’re going to have to think about whether you are going to talk about the thing that happened. I think that you should.

She thinks that that might not be a good idea.

It might bring up things that will be very hard to get through,

Of course, it will. It’s not a great event

It’s something that she should talk about…what with events that are going on in the world.

Yup, a lot of bad people doing bad things.

A lot of scary people.

She had a lot of scary experiences over the past year because of that particular event.

Can we not think about it now, it’s making her very anxious.

Tell her to go and get a drink it’s by her or why her stomach feels weird, it’s because she hasn’t drunk enough.

Her stomach is hurting?

Potato potato potato.

You really need to sort out the brightness of the screen here.

She does.

She does need to do that. It will be better for your eyes.

It will be better for her eyes.

The water will be better for your system

The human body has a lot of water in it. A lot of water is inside of you.


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