I like the music that this is part of.

Are you worried about the thing?

Of course, she is that’s why she’s doing her best to not to think about it and about how bad her doctor is.

Things have gotten sorted pretty good though, haven’t they?

Yes, but they shouldn’t have to be sorted in this way.



Fish are great and typing is painful but faster than writing things out by hand.

If we could get as excited as these ladies wouldn’t it be great?

Yes but let’s not compare ourselves to others.

How many episodes are there that we have yet to watch.

Many there are many things that should be…

I want a whale.

Well, I want never gets.

Yes, that is very true.

Better than I wanted the wanting to be but badder that the health that she wanted to have.

Have you seen my seagull his name is Cecil and I want to show him to your uncle?

Uncles are great and all but we have too many

How many uncles are too many?

Don’t say something that can cause bad things to happen.

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It was a good thing

I would have thought that you should have given up already.

I wouldn’t

She’s really disturbed about the things that have happened over the past few days.


We need to make a plan on how to deal with all of this. I want to do all of this stuff.

Find the window where we can look out.

There is nothing to see out there.

There is nothing to see.

Seeing the goblin was one of the more important experiences that we have been through in the following weeks.

It was a good idea that we went to the meeting.

It was a good thing.

Are we going in the direction that you want to go, like the real one that you want to go along with?

Who are we even trying to be?

What do you mean by we? It’s her. It’s her life.

Life is full of strife.

Of course, it is would there be anything to live for if it wasn’t?

I think that we should really change topic ‘cos she ain’t feeling all that great at the moment.

Are we standing on the hill covered with flowers?

That is the hill that I love the most.

Yes, it is very pretty.

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Crisis management

I want to drink something. Something nice.

Her pink lipstick is very pretty.

What should be made and what should be done.

Sparkly is pretty. Sparkling sparkling.

Be careful

My hair is long and pretty.

Her hair is turning grey.

Everyone’s hair will turn grey in time its part of the aging process.

It’s part of the human aging process.

Crisis management.

That’s what it’s called.

What are things being talked about at the moment?

Are things going alright?

What should be done?

I don’t know who this character is either Griffin.

After all of this is done, go do some typing.

Technically you should go and type all of this stuff up as well you know.

I was inspired by everything that has happened. There have been a lot of things that have been going on. Yes.

Yes, I feel that way too!.

So you committed to this despite everything I see.

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Bread with bread

They should have done better, they are adults that know right from wrong.

There are so many things we need to do.

After this load of pens go back to typing.

It is necessary.

Make sure to also sort through clothes.

We believe you. We believe.

Is that a sandwich?

A sandwich filled with pizza?

No that sounds disgusting.

Bread with bread.

It has really settled in there.

It has really hurt her stomach.

We need to wash ourselves well.

In the early moment of the morning let’s go in the shower.

Do you find this is going on?

It would have been uncomfortable right?


You should watch the things that are left to watch.

I want you to type after the end of this paper instead.

The law needs to be better.

Everything needs to be better.

The confidence should be more for people.

Self-confidence is something everyone needs.




Under the stairs.

Is there a cupboard down there?

There usually is something like a cupboard.

It had to happen.


The explosion.

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Jam tastes nice though

It works better than wishes and honey

Try something that would have been filled with jam and all of the other things that are bad for your body

Jam tastes nice though

It actually does do something for people with chronic pain.

Is this thing something that is helpful or not.

I wanted to do something among all of the mornings is here

Why are we watching something so sad right now?

I don’t know I think that it matches her mood at the moment

It’s such a sad thing to have happened.

I hope that it couldn’t happen again but sadly I think it’s something that might indeed happen again.

We couldn’t find something positive to say other than the firefighters were very brave

There are so many people out there that bad things happen too, we just have to be nice to one another.

Yes, let’s all be nice to one another. That’s the best thing to do.

Even in doing this more sadness has been found.

How many books have we written together? How many books have we written? How many books have we read?

Pink flowers and green leaves.

There was something that we had something that was worth a lot of things that needed to be and stuff.

Are there recipes that we should make?

We can make a lot of things that are needed in the coming days.

Have you heard a lot of things?

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Here spine is clicking

Let’s climb this mountain together.

They sound like guys that aren’t very intelligent or more or less knowledgeable about all of this.

This is something that needs to be looked up.

Can we think about this?

Can we think?

Can we think at all?

It is something.



Filled with glitter.

Filled with marshmallows.

Filled with marshals.

I encountered Marshal Marshmallow in the rye field.

There is a road near here called Murder Lane.

Well, that sounds creepy.

It does, doesn’t it?

Here spine is clicking.

Her spine clicking.

Yes, it is.

I really think that she needs to get here.

This is a shoulder pain.

This is a hand pain.

Pain. Pain. Pain. Pain.

Go dance among the dandelions.

Dance, dance, dance, dance.

Make sure to dance.

Make sure to do the things that you love.

We have gone through the golden cornfields,

Set up the writing position and move along.

Can we get through this?

This could be a problem for everything and anyone.


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Let’s go for a walk

Nano is going to cause us a considerable amount of pain i think.

Listening to the dollop at college is a rather weird experience

It’s weird to listen to it around other people

There are dominoes here

What is the singular noun of dominoes

Not long left till our biology lesson.


She’s in a lot of pain right now though.

Let’s go for a walk.

What is going on

Who knows

A lot of writing that is certain

How could that have happened

Well, it’s a challenge isn’t it and she wants to show these things to the people that she might have to see.

If you think that I don’t know what to say

Mexico where the north wind blows all on the coast of Mexico

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Do you want to chew?

I am going over here to the person that was standing by the unused pickled cabbage.

Is there a story that you would like to tell? I think that you have two different stories on the go right now and you should try to write a little for them in the long scheme of things.

I don’t know how we are going to get these textbooks home.

Neither does she!

Her nose is running like crazy again.

I think that flu is on its way again.

Again, again, a gain.

Do you want to write poems again?

I’d like her to write more poetry but she has to work. This is only the second time that she is attempting to do NaNoWriMo when she actually has something to do with her life.

That’s what he said

That’s what she said

That’s what we said

The door keeps opening and it’s rather loud but we can be weird here.

We can be significantly weird here.

Do you want to chew?

I think it would help her with how anxious she is feeling right now.

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A rust world

If it does something then people thought that it was medicine

Wow that sounds pretty stupid

You need to go and wash your face it really needs to be washed to get rid of spots.

She does have a lot of spots so I think telling her to wash herself more is a really good idea.

This is something that would be grateful to be something that is filled with spiky porcupines.

We are just trying to get along here. We are just trying to get along.

Have you gotten any ideas that we should share with her she’s sort of out of ideas right at this moment in time?

A moment where we were troubled by the giant clams from the rush world of Aberina.

A rust world sounds like something that would be filled with iron oxide

That’s because iron oxide is something that rust is.

Anyway stop using chemistry bad

It would be something that would not be helpful

How many things are hidden in the ceiling?

In the loft, there are a lot of things being stored.

They are not hidden only being stored


It’s things that we don’t use very often so we don’t need downstairs

‘Cos we don’t have medicine yet


That is very true

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Let’s be safe about this

Yup, she’s anxious but there’s not that much that can be done about it until we get home.


I think that this whole thing is taking entirely too long to resolve.

Plus she’s thinking about using the things in the blue box.

We need to throw away the blue box.

She’s waiting to get treatment so she can get rid of them more safely.

Let’s be safe about this.

Yes very safe about safety.

She’s really written a lot of poems since starting college, hasn’t she? Doing writing without the pushing and pressure of NaNoWriMo.

Her side is hurting

This is probably because of not drinking enough.

I think that they are telling her to drink but obviously, she’s not listening

Shall we go back to the library?

I don’t think that’s a good idea right now.

There are colouring things there

I wonder whose they are?

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