A nightmare to clean

You know why!

So this discomfort, it’s a lady thing?

I want her to make a lot.

I want to build a robot.

I want to go to the plot of…

It was typed up on a computer. Of course, he had another copy.

Why are you writing so much?

She wants to create a buffer for the blog so that she can do other things.

Oh no! What can the matter be. Oh no blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

I think that she has a really bad headache.

I think that there are too many dumplings inside her right now.

What should we do?

That bed is so frilly.

Such a frilly bed. Looks like a massive dust trap to me.

A nightmare to clean.

This way, even though marshmallows.

Oh, now we’re having a sugar high that’s going to be fun.


I was being sarcastic.

Type this up already god dammit.

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Sweaty armpit

Underarm stress is armpit sweat.

Sweaty armpit.

We’ll just pretend that this is something.

Let’s just pretend.

Just watch the show.

That cabbage that we cooked earlier is really stinking up the house.

I know but it’s something that is very much something we need to eat. We can’t just eat sugary things that’s bad for you and she’s trying to lose weight.

I need this parcel to arrive.

We all do.

We all need it to arrive so that she stops stressing.

I thought this pen had run out. I thought we’d have to throw it away.

So…many things that I wanted to do, something she said but I can’t.

This is driving us all around the bend.

The parcel came! The parcel came!

Wahoo, the parcel came.

It’s so bright pink, she didn’t realize how bright it would be when she was ordering it.

Now we need to go in the shower and clean ourselves up.

Yes, we feel really sweaty and weird.

Why are we watching this?

She’s practicing looking at people.


‘Cos she’s not good at it and she gets nervous about it.


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She is still worried

We are going to have to go out later and buy more juice ‘cos there is not much juice left.

You have cramp from sitting for so long.

Willy’s Place is a really funny name for a bar.

It wouldn’t be here until at least 10 o’clock. So don’t get too worried about it. It’ll take a while to get here and you know… there’s no point being anxious for hours on end.

She has so many key chains on her key ring at the moment. It’s sort of amazing.

It must be so heavy.

But she won’t lose her keys again this way. It’s a way to prevent all of that.

One side up and the other side down is a very cold look but I think that she pulls it off.

She’s still worried.

Of course, she is.

The parcel hasn’t arrived yet.

She is also too hot and needed, or even needs to go to the bathroom.

Why doesn’t she just go?

She’s worried about the parcel.

Oh, that makes sense.

Well at least in her brain it does.

We have done a lot of things, haven’t we?

Yes! We haven’t been eating anyway near as much as we usually do but I don’t really know why this has been happening.

I think it’s been because of how stressed she is.

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널 좋아해 (Neol joh-ahae / I like you)


Really, really, really, really.

널 좋아해. (Neol joh-ahae. / I like you)

Waw. Helo.

Sounds like your mind is on fire. On fire right now.

So we’re doing things in order.

She’s got a headache right now.

It’s from how loud she’s been listening to things.

You got up early today!

Well, that’s because she is waiting for her package to arrive.

That’s what she’s waiting for.

Isn’t it sort of amazing?

It’s really amazing.

I thought it was 7:41 am but it’s 6:41am. It is way earlier than she thought it was.

That’s because she is worried about the delivery of her package.

She doesn’t want to miss its delivery.

It’s a rather important item.

So we need to drink a lot of water today especially if she plans on exercising in the way that she plans to do later on today.

Why is her nose so runny right now?

I don’t know I think it’s because she didn’t drink enough water yesterday.

Her eyes are watering from all the watering. Or even all the yawning. Her waking up this early is severely affecting my ability to string things together.

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We did our job today

Let’s go wash those dishes eh?

Okay, I’ll remind her that we need to do some cleaning.

We need to do a lot of cleaning to not get sick.

Hey! At least she has underwear to wear tomorrow.

Hey! Isn’t that great?

Of course but she made a big mess in the bathroom in order to make sure that she found all of that underwear to wash it.

And it was necessary and she can clean up the other stuff later.

Her face is so oily.

Oily ‘cos it needs to be washed.

With soap, it will be washed.  Washed clean. Clean and dry!

This really works in an auditory medium.

We got a lot to do.

We do, but we’ve done a lot of things but the feeling we have is better.

What everyone is trying to say is that these things that we have done today have been really, really helpful.

Andrew, what have you done?

We went outside with a bowl and got some brambles.

We did our job today.

Yes, we did.

It really works as an auditory medium doesn’t it?

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She’s burnt her tongue again

Don’t think too much ahead of where we are now. Don’t plan too far ahead of where we are now.

I am about to pass out.

Well, sit down then.


Do you feel better now?

I think so. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

We don’t get to spend as much time together as we used to.

That’s all rather soppy ain’t it?

She’s burnt her tongue again.

Of course, this is going to be leading to a panic attack later.

Things are getting complicated again. Things are rather complicated.

Owww! This burnt tongue thing is getting to be a problem.

The clouds outside are pretty.


A very, very true thing.

She is using this lipstick a lot at the moment now, isn’t she?

She likes how it smells, her skin is really dry and she’s trying to look after herself.

That’s a good thing.

Remind her to take off the eye makeup that she is wearing or she’ll get an eye infection.

WOO! Finally, this group is having a comeback.

It’s been ages hasn’t it?

I know! I thought they’d quietly disbanded.

It’s all a good thing.

My nose is running and so is hers.

Blow it then. Blow your nose.

Both of you blow your noses.

So she finally got around to watering the garden then.

She never said it was healthy, she said it was healthier.

I’m not very friendly.

This should be interesting right?

I think so too but also maybe it will be embarrassing.

That pork was really nice and I likes it a lot but it was rather greasy, yes?

Yes, the cheese didn’t help though.

They are the sort of medicine that can make a lot of side effects happen within the body.

That sucks a lot.

Yup. But if you need to take them you just have to happen… erm. Put up with them to a certain degree.

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This guy has lost his mind

This guy has lost his mind. Lost his mind in many ways. In many days.  Among the bays.

We are sailing. We are sailing. Across the water. To be with you to be near.

I want a puppy.

What type of puppy do you want?

I found something there that wasn’t meant to be there.

How many there’s are we going to say in one sentence?

As many as we need to.

As many as needs to be said.

She needs to go get a drink and brush her teeth.


Raven needs things to be done in the next few days.

At this point, everything feels sort of empty and pointless.

Don’t talk that way.

What are we?

Yes, I think that that is something that needs to be decided.

You really needed to not kick yourself in the same way that you have been lately.

What she needs to do is use the chewing thing that is not food. The non-chewing thing of foods. No foods for casual chewing.

We need to do less casual chewing.

That is a thing that we will need to think on as we move forward.

She also needs to think about the things that we need to decide in the coming days.

You have to go to the other town though. That is something that has to happen.

You have to ask the questions that you have in your head right now.

If you don’t ask then no-one will answer the questions and you won’t find out whether or not this is the place to go.

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Pink Jumper

There are things that we need to talk about aren’t there?

Things are so tickly right now.

They keep getting distracted by things that are happening to them.

It’s got to be really annoying.

She wants him to tell her everything but she won’t respond in the same way.

Reciprocate. It’s reciprocate.

I really hate her dress.

I think everyone hates her dress.

It is really overly fussy and weirdly lace for no reason.

Well, their relationship is over.

There’s a lot of bad people in the world.

Yes, there definitely is.

But there is a lot of good people too.

This marriage is so over too.

It’ll take a lot to save it. Like serious counseling.

That’s a pretty coat.

Cat pajamas. Cat pajamas.

Sisters fighting in a way that only sisters can.

Her side hurts again.

You should go if you need to go.

But she doesn’t want to.

I wouldn’t want to either.

That’s why you get a magnifying glass.

Pink jumper.

He has a tortoise named Al?

It’s the sort of pink that looks sort of brown.

You should really go to this thing you know.

It’s sort of important.

That and you blew the other dates.

There are elements that aren’t in the periodic table.

Yes, there are but what does that have to do with me?

You should go brush your teeth now if you want to have teeth in the future.

This is also a very ugly bathroom.

I hate the tiles.

Aren’t bathrooms supposed to give off a clean feeling? Because this one doesn’t!

Is stone wash denim back in?

Well, this is an awkward convo.


That orange is exceptionally bright.

That fake fainting though.

You should definitely go.

Go right now!

The magnolias are really pretty I think that we should get one!

Where would we put it though?

Death and Magnolias.

She’s in for a rude awakening when she gets there.

There’s going to be a really bad fight if and when she gets there.

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Ay up lass. ‘ow do?

Why does her nose hurt this much?

Because she’s been blowing her nose too much. That’s why it’s painful.

Maybe she should do it less.

Well, if you need to blow your nose, then you need to blow your nose.

It is very, very hot and sweaty today. Very hot and sweaty.

We need to make some lists of things that we need to do over the next few days.

I think that, that definitely is something that we need to do.

Her shoulder is very painful right now. We certainly have a lot of pain to deal with.

A lot of pain is going on.

We should help her to deal with it you know.

Ay up lass. ‘Ow do?

Wow, that’s an accent and a half.

It certainly is.

I like it.

We all do.

So that blanket was finally made, it only took like 2 years to get it done.

Is this allergic reaction setting you off right now?

This is an odd angle to write at.

Maybe you should get another pen out.

Yes, get a different pen out.

This is public land. You can’t stop us from walking here.

That’s right! They can do that, there are laws in place to ensure it.

Hold hands and make sure to become friends again. Being friends is really important. It will be important in the coming years that you are close.

It will be very important.

Don’t feel compelled to write this. Do it because you want to.

I think she’s just tired and sort of beyond herself at the moment.

This one is much better than the previous one!

I congratulate you on your choice of pen.

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I remember those days

Do you think that she feels better now than she did before?

No, it’s just another form of anxiety now. Also, the fear of things not quite being as they seem too.

But tomorrow is a day where we can get to the bottom of the well that we talked about all of those years ago.

All of those years ago? It was only a few months ago that we were talking about it in my opinion.

I remember those days.

You remember all of those things.

This lady is really good at stealing other people’s boyfriends.

Well, it’s certainly a skill that she has down to a fine art. Especially these days.

Especially these days?


Yes, this is something that we would like to inform you about. It is something that we have been thinking about taking to the market for quite some time.

For quite some time the bells rang. They rang loud and clear.

Loud and clear across the bay from the waters edge up until the temple upon the height of Dinas Aferon.

Is Dinas Aferon even anywhere near the sea?

I don’t know I never took geography and when you think about it, her head has forgotten a lot of that stuff.

A lot of stuff for certain, she’s filled it with thoughts and facts about other things.

Are there a lot of butterflies in there?

I didn’t think that there would be, but on closer inspection, here were a lot more than I had planned for.

That’s right, close the window.

Then we wont be able to hear the noises that are going on.

Drink the drink it will make up for all the not drinking that you have been doing and sort out your salt problem aws well.

We need to deal with a lot of  things in the coming months and we really need to make a schedule in which to do things.

Isnt the fan making her feel hotter? I feel like it would be something that would make me feel hotter!

This is a sad story.

All stories are sad.

Some aren’t!

They are just stories that haven’t reached the ending yet.

The ending hasn’t arrived

It will be hot though now that the window is closed,.

Let’s just put up with It shalle we?

Is it too late to go in the shower?

Yes it is way too late. Way too late for these things.

Way way too late.

Do you remember what happened to her? Because I don’t.

I woud want to find her too.

This must be frustrating.

You need to think about other things. You need to think about other things.

You need to throw those thingd away.

Throw them away.

Well, these boys are great at their job aren’t they.

I would hope that they were better at doing their job than this.

I would hope that they are better at doing their job.

What jopb do you thibk that they  would be better suited too do you think?

Well we know that she is alright. Because we saw the other episode by accident didn’t we.

Typing is starting to hurt her hands. So I think that we should tell her to stop.

Tell her to stop.

I think that is what is important right now.

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