Change all of the pens

Well there really isn’t a lot of time left is there

Well no but we shall overcome all of this because we always do get through things

The subject matter is problematic

Of course, it is

Things about this sort of thing makes everyone feel uncomfortable

You should go to sleep

She isn’t going to. We all know that

Yes we all know that sleep is something that isn’t going to happen tonight

What is the podcast we want to listen to called

I cant remember but I hope that it will be something that is good to listen to.

It might be bad. I don’t think that it will be though

Doctor Who and Harry Potter both things are really hard to not love.

This relationship is going on the way that is very cool very cool this is all very cool.

Everyone is trying to be the best people that they can be

Everyone is just getting to the bottom of the sand

Sand at the the bottom of all knowledge and power.

Search for it!


The podcast she wants to listen to.

There has to be many things that are better than the scary things

Change many different pens.

Change all the pens of the pens. Change all of the pens.

This is a very unproblematic choice to make.

I am very proud of them for making it

We will probably never know everything that happened. That is just the way that things are in this world.

There are many things for you to hold onto and many things that you have to look forward to.

Is there anything that you would like do? Is there anything that you would like to go see?

We might be able to help each other.

That guy really sounds like an idiot, saying something like that at all at least…especially in public.

Moving on. Moving up and moving onwards upwards and filled with all the memories of things that we should remember.

Can we charge this? Can we charge any of these things?

Can we, should we? Shall we?

I like the picture I like all of your pictures, we should take more pictures and write more things in the posts and everything.

I helped you to find the chewing thing.

The chewing things are comfortable and nice, nice, nice.

Nice things are nice.

I am nice they are nice also she is very nice.

Writing is giving you a very big callus on our finger

Some people are proud of their calluses they show the things and effort they have put into the action that created it.

We have many different colours that we can use.

All the colours that are here are colours that we can see and enjoy.

I enjoy colours but she is scared of them.

She’s not scared. Some of them are just too bright

Too bright for us to see. Too bright for us to be.

There are people that cant see colours

It’s called colourblindness. That’s sort of sad.

If you do these things then there are parts of it that are harmful and wrong.

Yes, but we need to tell people why!

Do you think that more letters should be written?

I think that there should be. She is very busy at the moment though. So there is very little time in which to get all of this done.

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People are very scary

Her pelvis hurts

That is something that is to be expected though isn’t it.

Make sure to sellotape over the travel pass

How many ducks do you think can fit in here?

There are things that can be here in the mirror of the crabs that have been turned into crabby crab crabs.

Who would have slept on the roof? Seems like a very dangerous place to be sleeping.

Just go down and, and make sure that you are sure that you tell them that this sort of thing makes you very anxious.

We have to get ready to leave soon.

The writing is important and your dedication to this is very heartwarming

This podcast episode is very long

I don’t remember how and when I started this episode

That sounds like something that I would like to go visit the place.

If you would like to we should go there.

It’s not real.

Neither are we.

So this is something…

How many octopuses fit in a box

I think this is ending soon.

I think it is ending.

There is a half an hour left until the lesson is soon over.

What you mean is something that…

What he means is that the lesson will soon be starting

We have ten minutes more will be left.

My legs are inside of her legs.

My legs are inside of your legs that are inside of her legs.

The dog was a very cute dog.

Ice-cream cone paper clip. Ice cream cone paper clip

That sounds like a night

A very scary night

Money like that is very scary

People are very scary

You just have to be careful of everything.

That sounds like something that would be very scary

We have to go somewhere soon

We have to go to the biology lesson that we have a nest. The one where we learn about metabolism.

Now we have to do something

Should we set off now and continue listening to this until then

I think that that certainly is a plan.

Yes or no?

How many milkmaids can fit into this barn

You need to wash your face

You need to wash your face

Maybe not until they were older.

I like this but I wished that they talked about the things that I like more

But they are not you

They are not you

There are things that we are talking about and I want to talk to you.

How much change do we have??

How much do we want to have? How much do we need?

Though for presents


I really hate this time of year

The culture is problematic

Go take a rest

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My kidneys I can feel them

  1. Walls
  2. Walls are part of halls.
  3. Have you ever been to s fancy dress party
  4. Yes and they are absolutely the worst
  5. Isn’t it something that just means that they were a Scottish person
  6. A Scottish person?
  7. Yes.
  8. Well look who’s here
  9. That is pretty cool for a last thing to say
  10. How mad do you have to be within this group of mad people for their nickname for you to be —- the madman—-
  11. I know
  12. How long?
  13. How much longer do we need to climb this patterned wall?
  14. The patterned wall
  15. People want you to draw something
  16. Make sure that you write some nice things to one another.
  17. Write nice things to one another.
  18. That is something that I have been trying to say to everyone in the long time
  19. You never know when you will need to eat some turkey
  20. It’s not something that I would go out of my way to eat on purpose but I don’t hate it
  21. It’s like how you don’t like rice cakes
  22. You really shouldn’t be putting that cardigan on again. It’s entirely too hot right now.
  23. Yes but this is a classic behaviour of hers right now.
  24. So we’ve learned way too much about about oysters today listening to this podcast.
  25. The articles are things that are supposed to be read by people.
  26. How much reading could a person really do?
  27. These dominoes that here right now tempting me to play with them but they’re not mine so I cant.
  28. The colouring book is very pretty.
  29. She’s been wanting to do some colouring lately.
  30. The food is still here and that is making me a little uncomfortable
  31. It’s very busy for this time of day on a Wednesday
  32. Her ankle is hurting her right now it keeps sticking that’s why she is doing that weird thing with her feet
  33. Her back just clicked and her shoulder is incredibly painful.
  34. We have to do a lot of work when we get home.
  35. Yes, there is a lot of work that needs to be done.
  36. There won’t be any other people but aliens by the time that we reach the year 2048.
  37. We also need to wash a lot of things and try on a lot of clothes that are in the wardrope.
  38. Wardrobe
  39. There are the things that are filled with eclairs
  40. We are filled with eclairs
  41. There were 3 days that are left
  42. This sounds like a pretty good job
  43. Why are people earing so much interesting and tasty smelling food? It is interesting.
  44. We have a little more/less than an hour left/
  45. It would be interesting
  46. I really need to have a drink
  47. My kidneys I can feel them
  48. All the tables in this building are too low for me
  49. And for her. It’s why her back is hurting so much
  50. She took this bottle from the kitchen and it’s her dad’s bottle
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There are bags here

How many bands are we watching as this happens

So many things can be found here

I accidentally came here

There are bags here.  

I am so proud of all of the things that you have done this year

Last year we would have no idea that we could have possibly come this far.

This is something that you are going to have to deal with in the coming days. I have earmarked tomorrow as the day where you sort out the personal statement that you have and send it to the tutor that you have and then we do some of that UCAS stuff that we need to do.

You need to fill all of those forms out.

Look at all of the applications that are needed to be looked at by people is this as sad as you had thought that it would be.

I went through a phase like that.


Yes, it was a rough time and it made me feel like less of a failure as a person.

We donated things that we could donate to the project

This is the sort of present that people would enjoy right.

These are part of a list of things that they would like be doing a lot to help us

Just type all of these things into the situation.

It could have been something that had been

This is not something that you should do.

Do good things instead.

Interview the people that would have been there at the time.

I would like to interview the people that witnessed the event.  

It was the thought of having to endure another birthday party that had killed them.

Writing is helping.

The two of them really tried to come here and hurt other people but they were caught and got sent to the prison on the hill.

That is the best thing to do.

Well if you were something that looked like that I was sure that the name cannonball had something to do with the things happening.


Happening is something that is happening to you.

Your thoughts were all tangled and wrangling with the cans that they were dealing with

Hold onto the bridge and I will come and save you.

Save you the things that are needed to deal with all of the going here.

Just wait for it to happen. We weren’t as good at this as other people would like to think that we are. They would have been something that other people would have been scared.

That sounds like something that would have been awkward but they can ensure that they jumped from the biting of the fish bucket

A bucket that is filled with hot tea. There are still things that you would have to do.

We don’t want them to be here anyway.

They were escaped

The escaped from the prison.

They escaped you say.

I would like to walk tomorrow too but it looks like the weather

It’s a sport that is rather like billiards.  

There is not something.

There are things that we are sure are happening

Do something that they are here

We are nad

Well, it is sure that they are people here.

These are the things that we should help. Have you seen the issues that were caused from the wanderings among the halls?



Halls have walls


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Bottom of the bucket

Put him in something like this.

Put him inside of this bucket it is something that will fit him.

This decision is one of the worst ones that we needed to

That was a lot of rice that we have been eating

Yes, it is do you have a problem with that.

All of the firemen and women….firefighters did a really good job.

We only wanted to get to the bottom.

Bottom of the bucket.

Buckets are not something or something.

Breakthrough the moments that you have been dealing with.

I would like to draw in black

Black is a very calming colour.

I drew things like this.

Would you have let him back into your life?

I think that you should go back to doing some translations too.

Translations that are simple and easy to do.

If you could have thought about the fishes in the sea

Are your minds filled with the thoughts that are here?

Looking at him

Looking at him is there something different about him

We should make sure that people are not causing something.

No one knew about something like this.  

What do you think that this is all about?

I am sure that they are all decided that they are dealing with

I am sure

Sure we think that this is the situation

Well that is something

Looking at a lot of things about aliens makes me feel that there are a situation.

We went on a ride.

A ride on the way out.

Someone on the outside.

I will open the gate. I will leave it open for you.

This is a lady that has nothing or something.

We can manipulate the situation/

This isn’t something that we can listen to all of the issues.

Is this the murder that everyone has been talking about?

What would you like to talk to all the other people about?

Is this the sadness of finding all of the seeds from the past.

Is this a flower

When you say GIF I thought that you said gifts.

We all thought that you were saying that so please make sure that you enunciate.

We were searching around like this.

I think that I found that out on my own.

I think that we all found.

It is something

We were cold

We were cold and colder.

Here we are. Here we are.

Fish wearing bras look very kind of confusing things.

Fish are a great sounding trot singers.

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People lie with their faces

People lie with their faces all of the time.

Don’t give married until then

Just something like this could have been something like this.





This is a book where there are books within it.

Literally, something like this was written by the pen.

Each sentence is something that had been never fallen

Going down this room.

Going down to the room.

She could have read this

Breaking through into a new market. Breaking through is very hard that is why we are so proud of the things that they have done to get here

Do you think  that we should take those down


All of the post-it notes that we have up there.

I think we should just do this until there are a lot of them and they don’t stay up.

Is there something that we can show to other people

Show people your shoes.

Show the shoes that are falling apart

Can you eat something that is better for you than the things that you have been eating recently?

This is a case of the red dawn situation

I remember all of the off ramps

Do you

All the things have been abandoned.

There is no one there

The almonds are here

All the trees are dead and gone because of the water

There was a drought in that place that is why they are dead.

You would be too in the situation that they are here.

Can you look at the way that the fish is looking at you and that will help everyone to overcome the whole situation?

How many days do you think that we are going to do

Is the thing as shiny as something like this?

I have used them so long.

I have used them so long that the wheels have started to become pitted.

The stuff that people had brought for people can see;

It was so great that there are here in this

Better than the memories that we have been dealing with.

The airport here and the airport there have different protocols about what you can put in it and where it is supposed to go so right now I have no idea what I want to do with comforted things.

Don’t put your kids in a separate tent in which is nowhere near you

That is something that is very scary

The little sister is missing.

Why is there a big hole in the tent?

We didn’t hear anything that was done.

Bring the bag with you

Yes, bring it with you.

Bring all and the things with you.

Is there something that you would like to help us with. Is there something that you would like to tell us.

He was something that could have been happening in a place where we are.

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Brown is the colour of hunger

Hear we are hear we are hear we are

Going to the back of the oven I found this broken thing

Is it something important. Is it something.

I think that this is something that could be useful for something or anything.

This was broken a long time ago.

It could have been something that these underwears need throwing out.

Throwing out old and broken underwear is very good for you

Older ones are not ones that I would like to tell you about.

This is something that we could not have dealt with all of those things.

Make sure that you have eaten

Make sure that you eat the carrot rice that we made earlier.

She wants to wait until later when the tuna comes.

Tuna is something that tastes nice.

Taste something like this.

I have no ability to do that

I knew about this

I knew about this.

You knew

We knew

I am going to look amazing on those days the days where we are filled with the amount of maths that we have been struggling through lately.

I would like to love something like this decorative tray.

I would have loved something like this.

Growing up in something like this.

The same image has an image within it.

What picture should we go into.

I would like to go into one of the moments that are painted in the landscape room.

Is there a budgey that we can look at in the near vicinity.

Is there

Really is there

I have the picture that is very pretty.

I am going here in the dark of the night.

This is a very tasteful frame.

A very tasteful frame. Is there a tasteful frame that we can make this into .

How much money do you think a cake takes to make.

All of these are important to us.

All of them are important because we painted them in the darkest time that we have been through in our lives.

I remember the blue swirls one.

Blue is the colour of depression

Purple is the colour of loneliness.

Green is the colour of peace.

Pink is the colour of embarrassment

Brown is the colour of hunger.

All of these colours are…sad

How many pages are there here in the books that were posted here

We wanted to do the problems that there are here.

This is the problem that we have been climbing over.


Hopefully something like this

There are lies here hidden among the smiles that people have.

It’s the smile that they carry that is the lie

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Is half dead

Is half dead

I named it Fred

I thought that is was supposed to be Spain

I heard that it was Marbaya wherever that is

I think that it’s in Spain

Don’t go around expecting other people to speak English in their own non-English as a first language country it’s very rude

Plus you’re making everyone look like idiots.

Don’t make us all be tarred with the same feathers as you.

You know that you could be doing all sorts of things in this time where you are mooning at this things

Of course, she does why would she be doing anything else.

Typing is the way to finding freedom from all of this.

Can you find the ring that you were wearing before.

He was wearing something like that the first time that they were doing this and that is what triggered the memory.

Oww, that has to be really painful.

Falling out of bed is very painful especially when you land on really hard things.

Doesn’t it sound like something that is

Well, his neck is very sweaty so I think that it is pretty safe to say that he isn’t very well.

Is this something that we should be thinking about right now.

Well that certainly is very distracting

I would be distracted.

He is someone that we think is really cool you know.

That is a very funny pun.

It is very funny

I was funny in the past but things have gotten really very complicated recently.

I drew the picture that you are insulting by the way…what are we buying in the new year

Finding the moment where things were good.


That is all people want to talk about recently. 

Let’s talk about something other than ourselves for a while.

This owl picture is definitely going to cause problems later. Everyone thinks that it was the last boyfriend but right now they are trying to tell us that they are trying to get us to suspect the lecturer.

He is the teacher that has written so many books.

Here we are among the leaves.

Which leaves.

The golden ones from the elf land.

Dear Elrond,

It is really interesting how much snow has fallen today. When I was walking home from college

We threw the rubbish off of the roof.

The arrests were done a long long time ago.

This is a thing that was made back then for the things that we are doing.

The swans are flying home to the nests in the hills around us.

How did we make it home this time?

How did we make it through the wind and all that freezing snow?

Snow falling from the sky. Sky is where the stars there.

The people here are also going home.

Going home and walking all this way home was very hard for everyone.

If we find the things that are needed in the other places in the world we would have created a lot of other issues that had to be dealt with in a major way.

You are really babbling right now and that is really causing everyone that is gathered here in the room where we are now to feel a lot of stress as a result,

We won’t get the things from this until after this period of time has gone past us.

It is passing now.

Here we are here we are here we are

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Golden bread

Really that sounds like a very good name for an octopus.

I remember

I remember the memories that we here in the leaves that fell from the trees.

The green leaves are pretty.

The yellow and orange and red leaves are beautiful.

I like the smell that they have.

We might have to reinflate your cousin.

I wanted to do something like that.

I was something that needed to fill all of the turkey ovens.

Is there one

Is there a special turkey

Turkey tastes nothing like a meat that would have been something giving you to great turkey flavoured meats.

You are here

I would lose my mind in that sort of situation.

Watching so many things, so many times.

I would like to read you the riot act. It was something that you would have done in the old days.  

I am sure that they are here in the moment.

This is so unhygienic

That’s all I can think about too.

Why do it in the kitchen?

How manly

How cute

Don’t pollute the environment

What is the bet that her ex is the killer

There are thoughts…

He is definitely the killer. After saying something like this 100% the killer.

I think that is true too.

I think so.

I just wish that she hadn’t thrown them in the sea.

I would be very sad to see these sort of things.

Another question I would like to ask is why is that fence so low.

Why is the fence so low that you could fall over it like that.

Yes, that is an important question.

I wanted to eat something like this

The chocolate thing was not nice

Well, it is very old and probably has been open for ages so that is something that can happen yet I don’t want it to happen.

Just belt out the thoughts that are happening

Sand within my shoes is itchy

Sand is something that rubs your skin and makes it hurt too.

The water there is probably very dirty right? I mean there are so many factories over there that are probably polluting the area like crazy.

They don’t seem to be people that you are friends with.

It certainly doesn’t seem like that at all.

Now she is in trouble with the scary guy from before.

Does he just stalk all the old places.

Also, why is he wearing a coat that thick at the beach? Surely it makes him stick out like crazy.

The type of pink that other people like is not the pink that I like to look at.

One day we might be able to kiss someone you know

She’s done it before.

That wasn’t her doing it….it was someone doing it to her against her will.

That is something that is different and it was really scary.

I think that we should talk about it but doing these sort of things Is scary.

She really is very scary.

But back then she was really scared and that is why it happened.

She is someone that feels a lot like us.

I felt like that a long time ago.

What about the story. Are we doing nothing with the story as it stands right now.

I don’t know what she wants to do with it so we are just doing our best to keep the story going.

I hurt my head all the time back then.

What is it with wearing all black and being evil in Korean dramas.

I’d like to watch one where the bad person is really nothing like the person that you think that it is.

I think that we should move to the other place in order to sort all of this out.

I was walking along the road to the place where I needed to be.

This Is something that we need to carry out between the two of us.

I think that you should move to the other place in order to not have your back hurt.

Then we get there here are the points that are needed fish



Fishes are fish

Going through this will make you better at this.

It looks really green

I wanted to look at the picture but it is missing.

Getting bread from the shop was hard enough without everyone eating something to get better things and fish.

A fish was something that was a memory of a fish.


Golden bread

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A lot of brain damage

I just feel that we shouldn’t be sat so closely to it.

I wanted to buy something that you have

If you are typing then you should be typing something that can actually be helpful.

Is this something that can actually be accomplished though. That is the point.

His hair is very fluffy.

Her chin is very itchy. We forgot to do all of this. His chin must be too.

I would have liked all of you to work together in order to make this whole thing more useful.

Aren’t they cartoons of the things happening rather than actual photographs from the scene of the crime.

I wouldn’t have wanted to do something like that.

If you killed one of these people what would have happened.

I am a duck that is sitting in the pond of the golden future.

I was sure that you had lost your mind now you have proven to me that it is true.

Coming here was saddening

That was something that could have been in the doctor’s favour.

That really looks like a green screen. But that makes me happy because she wasn’t actually put in danger.

Are the flowers in the order that you wanted them to be or is this something that has no place here.

Memories of the face of the killer.

That was why he was hit over the head with the brick.

A lot of brain damage could happen. In that situation, a lot of brain damage could have happened.

I have memories that are as bright as a new pin. She has memories that are dark and filled with sadness. There are those thoughts there purely because we are coming out of the other side of this.

Because she is no longer as depressed as before she can see the amount of pain that she was in back then and it is very scary.

The fear of looking backwards in increasing.

Have you thought about how fancy this place was?

There are so many different candles there it must really be very smelly in that place.

Should I show you the octopus that I found the other day? He was wrapped around the mast and I have decided to call him Jeffery.

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