Why did she skip it?

Are we really going to go back to watching the scary one?

Yes it has that actor in it that she likes and it isn’t that long to watch or anything

Yeah there are only 16 episodes in this one

Oh god he’s going to push that guy off of the edge of the building isn’t he

Why did she skip it?

Because no one needs to watch that guy being murdered like that.

His tie looks like that one we saw in the shop but in a different colour

Yeah but we didn’t have to tie it


Because It was a clip on one.

Is there anything that they would like to talk about.

My ears still hurt because her ears still hurt.

That’s a shit load of money in that safe

This power struggle is already annoying me.

You better get used to it because this is going to continue for some time now in the future

There is a lot of yellow in this show.

You had wanted to write something if I am not too mistaken.

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Tiny cups

This lady is also scary and it is something that I don’t want to think about.

Chinese dramas really like evil fog effects and vomiting blood.

I’m glad that she has found her dad whatever happens in the future.

I think that something bad might happen to him.

Yes, something bad is going to happen to him.

That would get tangled in things all of the time.

It would be tangled all of the time.

That would be very annoying.

Annoying it is.

Here comes the vomiting of blood again.

Got to.

It’s very dramatic.

She needs to leave us faster.

And now she is gone.


This phoenix sounds an awful lot like a seagull.

Seagulls are very scary.

I wonder what plan is being put into motion.

Tiny cups.

Tiny cups.

We have some tiny cups too.

They seem to be tying a lot of bows.


They are.

Not that type of bow.

It sort of looks like a wedding dress.

The purple is a nice choice though.

Its because the state ministers wear purple.

Blue and purple.

I suppose purple is a pretty gender neutral colour.

There’s a sacred wet comb?


All those candles must be very expensive.

That’s a pretty cool scepter though I would really like to just randomly carry one around.

It would certainly be better than a really ugly walking stick.

Just a glorious scepter.

It would be awesome.

We keep having ideas and plans that are not what needs to be done.

This blood work is getting better and better each drama it looks like blood and not strawberry sauce.

It was always too clear and too pink in the past.

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Why did you sleep like that last night?

I wonder about that too.

Do you?

Yes, I do.

I like this drama.

So does she.

Imagine all of the fish that live in the ocean.

What are you talking about?


And the ocean…

Her neck really hurts.

Of course, it does.

The way the she slept last night is really worrying to me.

What are you even doing in the summer?

Are we going out or are you going out?

I would go out but I am worried about the things that they are talking about.

As you should be.

This lady is really crazy and that’s coming from us!

I hope that she gets her comeuppance as a result of all of these bad things that she has been doing for so long.

There is so much gold here.

Dangling headdresses are cool though.

They are.

I wish that this sort of head adornment was more popular now.

Putting things in your hair is sort of seen as childish.

Keep wearing the butterflies in your hair.

I think that they look good on you and after all, we should follow our own path when it comes to fashion.

Why is she talking about this stuff in such a public place where the walls are literally made out of paper.

So   she just sleeps in the throne room now

Her jacket/robes are really pretty but they must be a nightmare to iron

Did they iron clothes back then?

I think so

People used to heat pieces of iron and smooth the fabric with them.

Also just hanging most wet clothes will make them flatter.

At least flat enough to wear.

I think that they are butterflies.

I think so too.

Turn on her already that is what needs to happen she will just kill you eventually.

She looks nice in yellow.

Actually, I think that it is peach.

Peaches are tasty and peaches are pretty.

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A letter to my mother

A letter to my mother

That she will never read

There are many things that i am grateful for…but i wish that you would listen to me.

You’ve put up with me for longer than other parents would have, without asking too many questions but over time it’s begun to feel like disinterest.

Why didn’t you ask me what was wrong?

Why did it take so long?

Sure, I’m an adult and should be able to to all of these things on my own, but i can’t. I have severe social anxiety… I can’t talk on the phone. I’ve literally just come from an appointment with my mental health nurse where she rang people for me because I find it too scary.

That’s how I sorted my student finance problems out. She rang them for me.

So I guess I should come clean and say she fixed the situation for me.

Hello, I’m 25 and I can’t ring people. I can’t talk on the phone! Wow I’m so independent. Talking on the phone makes me feel like I’m dying. It’s great! I’m glad that society relies on this technology to do important things like make appointments with a dentist.

I’m sure that this will have no bearing on my job prospects later on in life.

Not at all.

I’m barely a young adult anymore, so I can’t even get away with being young and shy.

This is one of the ways in which my autism sucks…I’m much better at face to face interactions.

“Hey there! Yes you! Can we have this conversation entirely in text format?”

Growing up, you said that we could talk to you about anything…but I can’t. I cant judge how you will respond to anything and it’s really unnerving.

Everything that is a big deal to me, is something that you are apathetic to resulting in limp responses.

“Oh about your toe…maybe I should have taken you to the doctors.”

7 weeks after I broke the toe.

Everything that is a minor problem you explode out of proportion. Just like today.

You either talk to me like i am a baby or a massive financial burden on you. If it’s the latter, accept my money! If it’s the former, accept that i need more support than the middle child but i’m not incapable. I just struggle with some things.

This is the day that my ‘filling fell out‘ and you made me feel like shit because it cost you money. Money that I know you won’t let me give you. How is it my fault that the middle child gave me the wrong phone number?

This is why I don’t ring anywhere. If you’d have rang, you would have gotten the right dentists. Maybe you should have taken me to the dentists at some point between 2012 and now and I wouldn’t need to get something done to my mouth. Because despite everything I was too crazy in the time between those dates to do it on my own and you’re my guardian.

Actually my filling fell out in 2013. After I was thrown out of uni because of my psychosis which then made me depressed.

I used to ‘take the bus to uni‘, which really meant wandering around various local libraries and eating as many biscuits as I could get into my face. In the library in the local seaside town I’d write down every single crazy thought that came into my mind in a book and in a diary.

That’s why my teeth are bad.

Being suicidal doesn’t put dental hygiene at the top of your list of things to do. Especially when you haven’t washed for days on end.

I’m Raven, your oldest daughter. I’m 25. I’m Autistic, psychotic, asthmatic, riddled with chronic pain caused by Hypermobility syndrome and recently my periods have gone haywire.

I need more time to respond to things.



P.s. This letter my have made me sound like an entitled prick to you and that’s fine…most people probably see me that way. 25 still living with my parents, no job and rent free but it’s not easy despite knowing that it’s easier than it is for millions of other people.




A/n: Don’t think of my mother too harshly…to be honest i’m 60% sure that she’s also on the autism spectrum with me. 

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Blood magic

This is some really creepy magic that is coming out of him.

Blood magic.

I have the feeling that this is something that will cause a lot of problems later on for everyone.

I think so too.


This is something really funny.

You done goofed.

Real big time goof happened here.

She is really itchy again.

It is the hair that is flying in the wind.

I think so too.

I know so too.

You really need to get a new method and way of going about life.

What you mean is that she needs a routine and then she won’t feel so bad about anything.

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Green leaves

Yes the dad has finally turned.

The night by the river is the night when she abandoned him and that is what he is trying to remind him of.

Her eye is crying.

This is the restaurant where things go down big time.

She needs to be closer to the bathroom when she is feeling like this.

Everyone is losing their mind.

I would choose too.


Yes, what he said is really annoying.

Let’s all get going.

There’s nothing wrong with it the child is genuinely feeling that way.

Green leaves.


The tent is really orange and that is something that I like.

Pretty are the lights that are strung up in it.

Our work-life balance is terrible.

You should go onto the other laptop and write on that because writing on this is really not that helpful right now and I think that it was easier the other way round.

Ah ya, I drove my Chevy to the levy but the levy was dry.

Yey a couple that has a backbone to get married without the parent’s permission.

I really hate the mother.

Hate is a strong word but I can see where you are coming from.

She needs the mother and the grandpa to sort her out.

Hopefully, it gets sorted but everyone is so obtuse.

The dad is very much so like this and it really annoys me.

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We need an apron

Not hers though, the other ladies.

Pretty hair and pretty thoughts and pretty moments and pretty good things can happen.

All of these people are terribly selfish.

I think that is the story that they are trying to tell with this.

There aren’t many episodes left.

Have a shower in the early morning.

I really want these people to get together.

So do I they are the best couple and the babies are the cutest ones that I have ever seen in my life.

You also need to go to the dentist.

She will just let her be for a while.

You also need to actually talk about your problems or they won’t go away.

We did predict it right.

This is something that is happening.

That plant there is called mother in laws tongue.

Pretty problematic problems.

Everything in this series could be solved by them just talking to one another and explaining their feelings.

There are Christmas decorations on the window which feels weird.

We need an apron.

A nice one like this one.

How do you make one like that though?

It is something that brings them extreme sadness.

You’re being too cautious and I really think that you need to be careful about that but here we are once more dealing with these things again. Standing like this is helpful when writing.

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Your boobs look amazing

I really think that you’ve all passed the line…of no return which you must spurn.

Follow the line.

Become the line.

I knew that there were problems that you have been dealing with. Not being there is very stressful for you, isn’t it?

We know at least that much now.

I hate the sofas that they choose for expensive places.

Expensive places with bad taste are not the places that I want to be.

We could get there.

We could.

But she doesn’t want to go.

Yet type we will and type we might.



Pink houses.

This office is very purple.

And the trees are very green.

Green is a colour that should be seen in the world.

That cushion is pretty too. I really like it.

The colour or the pattern.

Both a purple flower is the best.

The mum’s lipstick is very pretty.

Your boobs look amazing.

Let’s hide here in the street behind a car because that is safe.

Not everyone becomes violent.

It can happen though.

It’s not out of bad reasons that it happens though.

Should we go to the…

Her lipstick is pretty.

I like it.

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A hat so fine

I really like his mustache.

I like his glasses.

The strawberry ice cream looks really nice.

I want to eat it too.

Do you drink the things that you want to drink with the drink that tey have to drink in this place.

You need to shave.

She does but doesn’t push her.

It is her body, after all, I mean that we are only standing beside her as this happens.

This drama will end soon.

Yes, it will but that does not mean that they will disappear.

Wash your face.

She will.

Brush your teeth.

She will.

That peach coat is nice but it makes me think of the 90’s.

I thought that it was from the 80’s.

The orange is very bright.

I think that they will go on to have an accident like before.

The more that they show that wallpaper, the more that we like.

Pretty tree.

Red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, red, green, green, pink.

Pink, sink, mink, drink, think, brink, let me think, there must be more rhymes to be had I think they lie underneath my hat.

A hat so tall.

A hat so fine.

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This game is her real life

That advert is for a get rich quick scheme.

Who do they think they can scam with that?

That’s my point.

This song needs to disappear though.

Stop switching off the fan. It’s too hot.

What did you say?

It’ll be in your mind forever.

All you have to do is keep trying to talk to people.

He looks real weird.

Yes, he does. He does look real weird.

I would run away.


Itchy eyes are the bane of us all.

The restaurant opens on Tuesday next week. We appreciate your patience.

You can write everything that you put your mind to you know.

I think that you should go forward with this story that has come into your mind just now.


This game is her real life.

It’s interesting to hear other people’s reactions to the voices in it.

Didn’t we watch something else?

No, we watched someone else play it.

Are we going to play?

Yes but later…

Okay, that’s fine then.

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