A Contrary Mary

Writing things down on the calendar, is a very bad man.

He’s trying to insert himself into her life.

That guy is someone that always plays villains in dramas so it sort of ruins the mood when we are supposed to guess what is happening.

I want to share this with the sister, but she won’t watch that much is certain.

She never has listened to or watched something that we have suggested to her.

That’s what she is…

A contrary Mary.

The robes that they wear are kind of amazing.

I really hate the velvet though it looks so uncomfortable.

Velvet is something she can’t stand to touch either.

Her hair colour is really pretty it looks like the youngest one.

The youngest one has the best hair.

She always has.

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That’s a really cute baby child.

That’s a weird way of talking about a baby.

She has a nice yellow shirt.

A nice yellow shirt is something that she will never wear but something that maybe we can encourage her to wear in the future.

If she loses the weight that she wanted to lose this whole entire year but hasn’t been able to.

We all have to help her.

We all have to help.

How much more writing does she really want to get done over night?

Is she planning to write all 365 pieces in one night? That can’t be it, right?

How do we do all of this?

Let’s do some maths.

In the morning. We will do trigonometry.

Waah! That sounds complicated.

She’s writing and listening and writing and watching and listening and writing again.

That’s what she does.

Do something too.

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But we already have

Eating pancakes for that long. Especially eating something like that restrictedly would make pretty much everyone lose their mind.

But we already have.

If you already have then there is nothing left to fear.

I would scream but open the bottle myself.

What if it had spiders inside of it?

Why would there be spiders inside of it?

Spiders are the sort of people that get in everywhere.

Spiders aren’t people.

Are you sure of that? They act a lot like people do.

They’re really important in making sure that there aren’t insects everywhere.

That would be awful.

It would be really really awful.

Watching something this old is sort of uncomfortable.

Because it’s old?


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Wow, those are some big tomatoes.

Wow, those are some big tomatoes.

Why are they in the fruit display though?

Because tomatoes are technically a fruit even if you don’t want to acknowledge that.

I never will, because they are a vegetable.

Yes….whatever you want.

Don’t listen to botanists then, just summarily decide what you want the fabric of reality to be.

It’s still wrong to put them in a fruit salad though.

So is putting milk and lemonade but there are some people that still do it regardless of that.

They have red shopping trolleys there that’s all kinds of interesting to me.

You see over here they are all silver and then they put the colours on the handles.

I think that we are approaching the point where we were last time when we watched this.

Yes, we are but I’m not sure where that exactly is. She was asleep and that might have developed the story in her brain after watching.

This twin threatening the woman is something that she remembers thought. That’s something that she’s sure of.

It’s not a nice thing to do but this guy isn’t a nice person so it sort of makes sense that it’s something that he would do.

Imagine if you had to eat pancakes for thirty years.

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A pretty place by the sea


Starting again with a blank slate.

Make sure in the morning that you check the emails that you have as I am sure that you have a meeting that you are supposed to go to.

You need to find that letter too.

But right now we are in the process of making a buffer.

A buffer is something that is needed in order to make sure that everything goes well.

We need time and space in order to make sure that there is things that can be done.

Things that can be done are important.

If you named a fish what would you name it?

I fell down the stairs in the winter when the unicorns came to graze upon the seaweed laid down there by the shore.

By the shore is a pretty place.

A pretty place by the sea,

It’s filled with glittering jewels.

Sparkling, glittering, precious jewels that everyone wants to gather.

Also, we need to do a lot of cleaning in order to feel safe here.

Yes I agree,

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Repeat again

Wow, that is a lot of fake accounts out there on the web and stuff.
Well yes. It is what happens when you just let people make stuff without having to put their name to it.
That is something that can mean good things can happen as well as bad things.
Don’t your feet hurt?
She wants to start standing whilst working more. It’s better for your circulation to stand more.
I think she should be wearing shoes though whilst she’s doing this because her arches are hurting.
Now she’s sitting back down again and I think that that is something that is a good thing as her feet hurt.
Why are we listening to this? You’ve listened to this story so many times that it is somewhat of a problem.
Is this a new repetition?
I this a new repetition?
I think it shall be repeated again.
I shall be repeating again.
Repeat again.
Retreat again.
Follow the train to the gain that’s filled with pain.
How much pain are we going to have to go through?
Are you over your panic attack from before?
She’s doing her best.
Aren’t we all?
Last time we were watching this, she fell asleep and then the thing just played until episode 9. That’s when she woke up.

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How can you smeel like a guy?

Well there are scents that society as a whole has sort of decided are male and female, so if you use things that are ‘meant’ for guys you can ‘smell like a guy’. That’s how it works.

But men’s things smell better than lady things usually.

That’s sort of the point I think. Lady things…

Can we move away from this topic of conversation?

She has so many earrings.

A lot of them were given as presents.

That’s nice.

We lost a lot of them when we dropped the case that she keeps them in.

Wow, so many shells.

So many different shells.


Do you think that we should close the window and put the candle on?

Don’t you mean light the candle?

Yes I can’t get my words in the right order at the moment,

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She sounds very sad, this lady.

Well, a lot of very bad things happened to her.

They did it’s very sad.

Why are you listening to this if you find it so depressing?

It is something that makes you feel like you are learning things that are helpful.

They are helpful.

Can you find that pastry recipe that I was talking about the other day?

No, because you didn’t tell me about it.

I did tell you about it.

G o to the bathroom dear.

She won’t because she feels like she is on a typing roll.

What does that even mean?

She’s typing well what we are saying to her for the other people to read.

Well that got a little weird there,

Why does the sound keep changing ears in her headphones?

That’s probably because they are getting broken and will probably need to be thrown out soon.

We should throw them out soon.

Throw them out soon.

Yes soon.

When they are actually broken we will throw them out.

How long have we been using them do you think?

Do you think?

Yes, i do think.

I wanted to clear out the files but I don’t think that it will happen today.

She really likes typing like this I guess.

I guess.


We guess.

They guess.

Na ness.


Badump badump.


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Cherry blossom scented

This is getting pretty in intense don’t you think?

I think that she’s eaten way too many garlic chicken wings today.

It could have been worse. She’s wanted to eat so many different things over the past couple of days.

The candle is finished.

The ones that she bought in the spring time.

Cherry blossom scented

That is a very nice scent.

I wonder what the new candle smells like.

It’s supposed to smell of aloe vera and bamboo or something like that.

I  think that it will smell clean and nice.

There were other scents but they were not as nice as the one that she chose.

I wonder why her dad bought that one for her?

Maybe he’s proud that she is finally doing something with her life.

How much chewing is she going to do?

As much as she wants to.

I think that we need to make a schedule for the coming days and weeks and months.

Also, we need to find out how our bus pass works. Like do we get a discount for travel or is it free? Can we only use it on certain buses? Do we need anything else with us at that time?

You also really need to go through your emails.

Yes, she does.

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I think it is helping

I feel like I am able to tell you these things.

Really why do you think that?

No, we never did say that.

Are you sure that… are you sure about that?

You’re chewing again? Is it helping?

I think it is helping.

She is really stressed today.

She is really stressed in life in general.

Why is she doing this to herself?

Because she needs to do something with herself/.

Something positive and forward looking. Something that will make life something to do to keep us moving forward.

Are we looking after ourselves enough?


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