Golden Buckets


The beginning of things is important, as are the ends.

We know that.

Yeah stop waxing lyrical.

Please be nicer to each other. She is a busy person and she doesn’t need this going on too. You know there are things that are out there that she has to deal with too.

Why is she listening to this?

You know why. It is so that we don’t have to deal with us. It doesn’t help though.

Well here is a story to tell if you can.

Bells bells bells bells.

In the center of the forest was a well with a golden bucket.

Bucket or Bouquet?

There are flowers in the well. Who put them there. It was little Tommy Small. Tommy Small with a pail. A golden pail.,,

The one from the well?

Can we stop talking about the well and the buckets…the golden buckets and stuff. If we were going to go to the end of the world what would we find there?

Hold my hand.

Where is the hand that you want me to hold?

Coming to the end of the path they found that the railroad ended…

I don’t care. I don’t care about this story. I don’t care about the people in it.


Why is she so itchy?

I wanted to know that too, but she’s too busy trying to be cool.

She was never cool you know.

I wish…I wish I had a wish.

There are many different things that are contained within the box at the bottom of the pail.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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