Frog Prince

frog-princeThe end of the end, the beginning of the beginning. The lost that have found their way.

If you are lost  you need only to keep turning left. Eventually you will find somewhere were you have been again.


Why is she always itchy?

Who knows? We could find out I suppose.

I want to talk the talk of talking, speaking opening my mouth and vibrating my vocal chords.

You are weird. The things in the bottom of the well are things that are dangerous, So we should not go there.

Eat this.


Banana, mushroom, lasagna, pizza, rice, rice balls, footballs…

They are arguing.

I am scared.

Frog? Frog? The Frog Prince?

A shell at the bottom of the sea. The waves are washing over it, over me and over you.

Falling from that height is something I think is not any good for anyone.

Beautiful leaves are sparkling in the sun and the memory of the days that came before are remembered by the trees they hang upon.

You know we know the road to take but that might be part of the problem, as it is not an easy road to take.

You are procrastinating again. Get back to working on the story! This fear you have is not helping you in any way whatsoever. Get on it.

Hwaiting! Fighting! Hwaiting!

Get going.

My my it’s dusty in here isn’t it?

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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