Writing this is awkward isn’t it, what with strangers in the house?

If you are really anxious just let me know.

Green, green frogs are bouncing over here.

So what are we supposed to be doing today?

I don’t know. It’s supposed to be an important day apparently.

She thinks so too. I mean she isn’t…well she’s trying not to make it look like it is but she certainly thinks so.

Well wouldn’t you?

I don’t know.

When are we going to the beach?

I want to go too.


Reall-? Really?

The seventeenth partisan has been released from the dungeon in Avogar.

Well that was weird.

I want to get to the bottom of this problem that is going on.



Can you stop saying well? You’re being annoying again.

I want cake

She ate cake for breakfast, which is something that I think is highly inappropriate.

All your teeth will fall out.

I want to get to the end

I want you to shut up.

Frera jacke.

That’s not how you pronounce that song.

Well you sing it then.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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