Where are you dad?

Why are you looking for a dad?

Because I lost him in the bramble patch in the woods.

In the woods there was a tree…

Can we please not sing, I really need to get to the bottom of this mystery that I am…

What did you say?

I can’t remember. You should listen to me when I’m talking.

I’m sorry it’s just that i’m busy and trying to work at the moment.


There’s no need to be a baby about this. The girl is trying to do something and we shouldn’t interrupt her.

Her, mer, were, hair, door, spicy chicken curry.

Curry is tasty.

Do you think that we can eat some?

I don’t think so.

Oh no she’s back again… Don’t look at her.

It’s alright I’m used to her by now.

That doesn’t make the situation any better than it would be if you looked.

What he’s trying to say is that you shouldn’t have to be used to it.

I want to go to the beach.

Maybe we can go one weekend or something.

I want to go too.

What are you… what is cooking?

Lamb I think.

It smells like your Grandma’s house.


Custard pies and custard flies and custard spies and gravy lamb. Lamb gravy and custard.

If we get to the bottom of the well do you think that it will get to the bottom of the world.

Worlds upon the edge of night.

The night that ends at the drawing down of the moon and the raising of the sun.

The sun is orbited by a number of celestial bodies some of which are orbited themselves by moons.

I didn’t notice that this was a science lesson.

A science lesson isn’t something that is necessarily a bad thing.

It’s just boring and this is one of our very few days off.

The possession of a Silmaril.


This is getting dangerous.

It’s right loud in here isn’t it?

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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