There’s no reason to rush someone who is trying.

I know I entirely think that that is something that is true and needs to be said.

I wanted to say something similar.

Going to the bottom of the sea in the floor of the sea. The seaweed is here in the bottom of the dragon that I find in the sea.

In the sea there are a number of animals that are scary and stuff.

Think about the things that have happened in the past that you are actually proud of rather than the things that seem to be going wrong.

Well that was a loud noise. Is there something wrong with your stomach?

I know that there is a tv over there that I hope won’t fall off or something.

Why would it do that? You know her father put it up so it won’t.

Can we sit here?

Yes there are a lot of seats.

I, me, you, we gotta go you know.

Nineteen people were standing on the bottom of the bridge but I know that there is a great deal that we can do about the things that there are on the future of the planet.

Is Voltro at the expected level or has Hanzo swallowed the deer god?

Things are getting a bit weird but I want to join in with it and stuff.

Stuff is falling from the sky but I think that you should eat the things that are on the table.

Is that chicken or turkey?

I want to eat chicken but they’re both equally bad.

What is bad about it?


Dragons are falling from the sky onto the roofs of the houses that are built on the dam.

It crushed everyone so now they are dead.

Did you think that I wouldn’t find the cheese sandwich that you tried to hide from me? I cannot stand for this betrayal.

Then sit down.

You think  that you can boss me around?

I found someone on the edge of the cliff but they walked back here of their own volition.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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