Arguments and advice

So dry, so unbelievably dry right now.

Well it is summer.

The endless sea of people.

Tickly, super tickly.

We need to get to north or to the south it’s one of those things one of the directions previously said.

The throat is an incredibly important organ.

It’s not an organ. I mean it is part of your body but…

Fish with scales on can be equally easy to eat.

I don’t eat fish.

Well don’t come then.

Hearing the notes of the hearing notes are sweet notes coming to you.

The seals here agree with you.

Pancakes are tasty and filled with chocolate and bannannanas.

That’s not how you say that but, whatever.

Just don’t do anything.

On the bottom of the ocean is a man named Kirby. He has a monocle.

I made a sandwich, a nice cheese sandwich.

Milk is evil.

Yeah…no it’s not. It’s just milk.

Can you eat this?

Nope, that’s poisonous, you’d definitely die.

Okay so I won’t eat it then.

I should hope not.

You are here aren’t you?

Why do people keep drowning?

It’s aliens. It’s aliens I tell you.

Why does it always have to be aliens? Why can’t it be the Illuminati or Fred?

It’s definitely not Fred. I can tell you that now.

Wow things change quickly these days.

The medicine was not medicine…

What was it then?

It was some illegal drug.

Meth! It was meth.

Actually it’s not any/either of those things. I’m pretty sure that’s like meringue or something.

Pink meringue.

There are too many people here at the moment.

There are scenes here that there are here in the village which will need to be cut.

But how will we tell the children about it?

We won’t!

But they’ll know!

Yes but we won’t be here when that happens.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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