I am a dragon

This is a bad idea.

I think so too but this is what happens so we’ll have to deal with it.


Can  you talk properly please? I mean it’s not too much to ask for.

The inside of your ear looks a lot like a snail.

There are things that shouldn’t be asked.

There are things that should be talked about you know.

Johnny! Johnny don’t forget to take your haemorrhoid cream!

Why are you so embarrassing mum?

Mom, Mum, Mam, tam, slam, blam, blame, shame.

Are you insane?

France, spance, mance, pie.

There are many different types of pie. Think of a flavour and there is probably a pie containing that filling.

If you poke a hole in the lid of a pie it will stop the lid from detaching from the rest of the pie.

That would be an interesting paradox.

What are you doing?

Things are getting a little crazy in here.

Can you not play football in here?

The score is getting out of control!

That’s a pretty boring name.

Can you help me lift this pacing slab.


I want to throw it at that guy over there.

The Vicar?

No the Bishop.

Well that’s dangerous.

Hold my hand whilst we walk over the stones.

It is very slippery isn’t it?

Tickly ears.

Brittany Sp…

Shut up.

I am a magnificent dragon.

And I am a splendid newt.

This is what things have come too?

There are several problems with your proposal. If you would come through to the meeting room we can discuss it in more detail.


About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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