So that all went super well then didn’t it?

Can we please keep questions to a minimum?

Just do it. Don’t make me come over there with my shoes and everything.

I wanna…

Do you wanna ~ zig a zig ah.

Forget my past.


Your past is filled with all sorts of intrigue.

Scandal and intrigue.

Yay I really like this podcast.

Quite a bit of time has passed hasn’t it. Since we last had this conversation.

There is no peace anywhere at the moment it seems .

It’s too hot. I think that that’s a problem.

The smell of peas.

It always smells super weird to me.

That’s just you.

He is deplorable.

About the peas?

No this scary guy here.

Well he definitely sounds like a bad person.

I know that’s why I brought him up.

Why does it smell so bad at the moment?

What did I say about questions?

It’s because she needs to wash like really badly.

I wish she didn’t do these sort of things.

Me too but it’s because she’s very anxious.

Yeah we get the situation by now.

I remember using that stuff.


That’s a nice thing.

I like seeing things like that.

I hope that we can get to eat these sort of things in the future.


About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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