It’s too hot

A shallow creek at the end of the road is a dangerous place to play,

Don’t go there.

I tell you that there are monsters that live at the edge of the cliff. They will pull you over the edge,

*The sound of running water and of waves*

Ducks. One duck, two ducks, three ducks, four ducks…

*Quack, quack, quack*

There are so many crumbs. You need to clean it.

You need to clean yourself.

So hot.

Why thank you.

No the temperature.

Can we get to the bottom of the temperature problem?

There is only a piece of the case that you are looking at. That is the problem.

Go talk to the police about it.

I want to howl at the moon.

Yesterday was embarrassing.

Well maybe it was for you, but not for me.

I can clean the car for you.

I don’t want you too.

Is he missing?

No I found him and the end of the road playing in the creek.

Chicken restaurants sell chicken.

Yes there is a problem here at the restaurant. Can you come here quickly?

It’s too hot go to somewhere else, where it isn’t as hot.

Yes go there.

Take me with you.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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