Pokemon? Love?

Tingly, tingly lips on your face.

It is really hot today.

I’m so sweating at the moment.

That’s not how you say that. It’s not how you put words together.


With ham?

I think Jessie’s lost his mind a little today.

You should check your emait. I mean email.

You’re having trouble talking today then?

It’s too hot to talk properly. I think that the heat has melted my brain a little.

Can I hold your hand?

Well as long as it’s not super sweaty and all that.

Can I hold your other hand?

No. I’m trying to eat this Danish pastry!

I could feed it to you.

Behind the knee sweat.

One of the most disgusting types of sweat.

You have pretty handwiriting.

Maybe I could hold your hand?

Well only if you really want to and you don’t mind that it’s sticky.


It’s icing.

Oh okay then.

That is one scary pokemon.

It’s not a pokemon, it’s a polar bear.

All animals are pokemon.


I think so.

I had a headache earlier but now your hand seems to be hurting.

How are things going?

They could have been better.

There were too many oranges and they were too spicy!

Spicy? Oranges aren’t spicy!

I meant sour. I mean they are flavours that are very close to one another.

You’ll have tummy problems. Especially since they were so sour.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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