Watching dramas

watching-dramasStarting again already?

Make a decision.

Come on make a decision.

Are you itchy too?

Lemon juice.

Toe cramp is one of the worst.

It’s like a relationship explosion.

They found one of them near where i live.



Oh they’re being too cute.

Stomach pain, lamb brain.

Eww what are you doing?

We really need to sort this problem out.

You’re super rude, you know that?

Know what, not, hot, sot, clot, dot, cot, flot, dot, lot, cot, bot, aot, oot, toot, loot, pootle, scootle, scuttle.

Shut up!

So we’re doing this then?

So that was an awkward moment.

Why are you always so itchy?

This is the reason, that I want to get out of the situation.

The situation is getting better than it had been a magical door.

Magical doors are opening, to show us the magical world that lies behind them.

These crisps are too salty. Way too salty.

Lemons are tasty but not a particularly great sweet food.

Food again? Why so much food talk?

The protection of the family won’t be enough to keep you safe.

Is there more money here than the people know about?

I would think so. I mean it probably involves fraud.

They’ll get caught though.

At least she’s not in the towel this time though.

But she looks like she’s escaped from a prison though.

So many pens you’re losing.

You mean using right?

Can you pass the salt Mr Clements?

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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