Loose teeth


Those are some loose teeth.

You’re telling me!

I like it when people get excited by things like this too.

It looks super scary to me though.

This is a super loud way of keeping cool you know?

Alfonse is back again. Where has he been?

Don’t talk about me behind my back.

I was in France looking at the Seine thinking about all the terrible things that have been happening lately.

Lately is a relative term.

The black album.

I looked up the meaning of the problem that we have been happening. Apparently it’s all down to the sheep that graze on the green.

The green in front of the village pond.

Ponds are something that I think are pretty.

Do you want a promotion?

No i’m quite happy with the position that I currently have.

There are moments where I wonder whether you understand quite what you are doing.

Understanding is a thing that I am very good at, thank you very much!

That is a pretty name…Half Moon Bay.

It sounds like a name of a village in a fantasy game.

If you hang out with a bad crowd. Bad things might happen to you.

Happening to me, happening to you.

Are you desperate to eat that Danish Pastry?

I was before but now I want to eat a cheese sandwich.

Cheese sandwich.

Can you pass the butter?

I want it for my bagel.

I found the moss that only grows on the horns of the legendary unicorn. It is the last component of the potion that will grow mustaches on turtles.


About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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