The first real hello


I know that I usually don’t post more traditional blog like posts here but for some reason tonight I feel the need to talk.

Writing down the notes for this blog has been and continues to be something that I find to be very therapeutic. Just seeing some of the things that I’m hearing on a day to day basis written down makes it feel less isolating to hear them. Especially at the moment when I’m finding myself feeling very overstimulated.

Writing the notes started as something a mental health professional asked me to do one day in order for them to get a better understanding of what I was actually hearing. I found it very hard to explain what that was.  My experience of hearing voices is apparently a little on the weirder side, given the amount of individual voices that I have.

To explain it in a way that I think makes the most sense and is the easiest to understand…imagine you’re standing in a really crowded place. Somewhere like a shopping centre or a festival. People are passing by you talking and you only hear snippets of their conversation. Other people are hanging around in groups and talking to one another.  You’re hearing parts of their conversations as well. As well as all of this there are voices who come up to you and start talking to you too. Some have names, some have bodies (I have visual hallucinations as well), some have names and bodies.

If you’re trying to hold a conversation with anyone that’s actually real when all of this is going on, it can be a little much to keep the thread of the conversation. I seem to have lost the thread of this blog post too. *sigh*

Ah yes. I remember what I was trying to say. I want to use my experiences to talk about hearing voices in a way that informs others of what it’s actually like. Of course my own experiences are not the experiences of other people but I hope that they bring some insight and can reach out to others.

Well this is certainly long enough but I wanted to say also that future posts will feature pictures drawn by me to break up the lists of text. I also hope that you will enjoy them as well.



About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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