Sky ladders

Is that there, where, were, where, wear, tear, car, bar, lar, jar.

Stop it with the rhyming.

It’s creepy.

Can I have some toast?

Toasty toast.

Covered in ghosts.

If it hurts that much stop doing it.

She’s super busy though.

I don’t like this idea.

Well you don’t have much say about it now do you?

Did we write those things up?

I think that’s what the early ones are.

You think…

I think in the sink.

The sink on the brink of the…

Can’t think of a rhyme? We don’t have the time, to wait for you to slime your way through with lime.

Stop rhyming? It’s super creepy.

It might get super nasty with the sounds.

What’s that sound?

It’s a wood pigeon.


Yes don’t you remember the ones that used to sit on the outside window ledge and coo at like dawn?

No. I wasn’t around then.


A lot of them were and are very young.

Are you going to put on any of the lights.

She won’t it’s not dark enough yet.

Head examining was something that used to happen in the Victorian times.

How long do you think they can hold on to this.

I get the problems that he has.

You seem to get everything that’s going on lately.

They have their own lights on, why can’t we?

I think that it is not dark enough over here yet,

I can touch the sky with the sky ladder that I found.

Sky ladders are just a fad. They are not something that will last for very long.

Are you upset with my plan that I had found in the desert of my heart.

In the center of a human heart there is a diamond.

There are no diamonds inside of human hearts only love and/or hate.

I have seen the life of the love that lives within your heart.

Inside the heart there is a fart.

Someone had to ruin that whole thing didn’t they.

Can you?

Please follow the fans wishes and love them just as much.

Melt yourself with the cuteness and fluffy things that I have to show you.

I can show you something that is magical.

Have you seen the magical items that I have been collecting for you.

There are brawls and stuff in the houses of parliament.

Can you pass me a new feather quill Deirdre?

The quill that you had before was our last one.

The train is coming into the station and the doors will be opening shortly.

This is the last stop.

안녕 (Goodbye.)

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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