C.G.I Crystals


Can you fan me as well? It’s super, super hot today.

I opened the book later and found a dried out flattened flowers.

There are lobsters and crabs grabbing onto the nose of your Uncle Jeff.

We have an Uncle Jeff? I thought he was an Uncle Jeb.



It’s a rather odd name. To me at least.

There were a good few ice cream monsters found in the freezer.

I wanted to eat them.

So you’ve been away for awhile haven’t you.

It is really dusty up there. I want to wake up a few hours or even wait for a few hours before I go back up there.

My understandings are with you.

I understand the itchiness is back and stuff but don’t itch it.

You need more tissues that would be a good idea,

I think so too.

I could be the emperor and all I need is the purple robes and a bigger ego.

I crave chocolate way more than I used to. I’m sorry for influencing you to eat more sugary things.

Are your feet alright.  They keep going numb and stuff.

Why are you so tired?

She slept on the floor last night.


Her bed was too dusty.

The whole place is too old and filled with dust.

The library was this dusty once.

Didn’t the orangutan fix all of those problems?

I found a chest of drawers filled with bread and cheese puffs.

People definitely say bad things behind the back o the emperor. It would be a pretty dangerous thing to do.

How long do you think this will last for.

That strawberry looks pretty cute.

Look through there and sort things out.

How can we sort these things out?

I say we just dump it out and start again.

Just go and get that damn tissue.

Look at the mess that was made in here!

There are some factual errors, some glaring factual errors.

I saw it late at night. Super late at night.

I would cut this meat in a very different way.

You’re tired right?

It’ll take awhile to get used to it I think.

This thing won’t end easily.

The time that we have will be very important for the tasks that are at hand.

There are hands coming out from the coving they are here to help you.

If you could help me, would you hold my petticoat for me?

Would you hold my handbag and handkerchief for me?

There are pieces of underwear in the pond. They are the underwear of naiads that swim here.

You are being just a little creepy.

Creepy, freaky frogs.

Complicated things are happening.

Get going.

Go get a drink!

She doesn’t want one. You can’t make her.

Everyone is being super bossy in here today. Can you calm down just a little bit please.

Is that a sports car?

No it’s a sports sock.

Watermelon City.

No a Guatemalan City.

The Guatemalan City.

In the cave that is over yonder there are magical crystals.

CGI crystals.

No really real crystals.

There are more magical crystals further in.

In the bottom of the lake there are even more magical crystals than there are in the cave.

Return of the eighties singers is something that has been planned ever since the power of EDM has bitten the toenail of a giant.

Giants are of course something that can only be seen if you believe in the.

I have a fairy here that wants to meet you.

I have a pontoon chariot.

A battle chariot.

Slimy is not a word I like to hear all that often. It’s kind of gross.

Turtles are much cuter

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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