In search of mattresses


The itchiness is back.

So he invented a job.

He invented a job for himself.

There was no reason for the work that he does.

My pelvis really hurst. Does your pelvis hurt a lot? Maybe you should go for a walk.

I left the job for you so that we can go on the bus to the place that you want to go.

I want to go to the sea.

Gene Kelly is magical.

He has the power of teleportation.

Is there such a thing as magic and stuff.

There is where is hair is hair is hair is stare. There are stairs.

Stairs full of hair.

You know that I want to get to the end of the street but I don’t know how to get to there is I wanted to.

Things are falling apart.

Slowly over the course of the time that we are doing this.

You need to eat less sugar.

That would help to stabilize things in this world.

I could get to the end of the road thing.

Have you seen my cat? It ran away from me because I wouldn’t let her eat the lasagna that I was cooking.

Electric things and bouncy springs.

How many springs are there in a mattress?

I need a new mattress and so do you.

I don’t think that there is a mattress that she would find comfortable.

That thing  doesn’t obey the laws of gravity.

It’s something that happens in cartoons, just get used to it.

Find something better to listen to! I don’t like this!

Are you scared of the night and the sounds that are happening?

Only if there are owls and those cricket / grasshopper things.

The romance in this story is rather creepy I think that we shouldn’t listen to it.

Come along now. Come along now.

There are some very sad things going on today but we need to get on with things.

In the movie things go along at a greater clip than this.

Things are thingy, thingy madoo. Thingy madoog.

The clips load faster than slow clips.

The fan is working better than I thought it would when we made it.

The handle should be shorter.

Wet mouth sounds. Uuuuuck! Are really creepy.

My hands also curl up at moments like that.

Curly hands and curly feet.

Curly hair and curly teeth.

A pink highlighter lying on the desk filled with ink wanting the desk filled with ink wanting to run free across the paper.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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