The forest of the night


There are a lot of colours today, more colours than I remember there being.

That’s because you were a dog then and now you are a human.

Dogs can’t see colours.

They can…

Well obviously what I meant as we do as colours like blue, green and red and stuff.

Things are getting sciency in here.

Once again things are off to a great start.

Touch my heart!

No, it’s all bloody and stuff! Please put it away.

Back inside my chest cavity it goes.

Did you know when it shows the mountain lizard shows…

Shut up! Why does everything dissolve into rhyming?

It’s just part of the democratic process.

He has a weird smile…He just looks sort of in pain more that anything.

I thought that too but I was too polite to say anything about it.

Are you trying to say something?

Break it up boys.

Boys and ladies shouldn’t fight, men and girls too.

The hand is better than I thought it would be but you are the way to the pub in the forest.

The forest of the night, the bottom of the valley where the river is. The creepy river where the old lady lives.

Have you gotten to the house in the woods or  have you only dreamed about it?

I dreamed a dream of dreaming.

The editing could have been a little smoother.

Smoothness in editing is something that most people will appreciate the whole thing.

He sounds like a muppet.

An idiot?

No like the puppet things.

Looking for podcasts is tiring, You know I have a particular taste in these things as you do.

You have to give him at least a little leeway as this is not something that he has had the time in his busy schedule to learn.

I learned a great deal this week.

What did you learn? Was it something that you wanted to get to the point of, or was it something that you wanted to get to the point of or was it something spontaneous.

Has Alvin been through here?

The chipmunk or the actual human man?

No the alien Alvin I met last Tuesday.

How would I know what he looks like?

Believe me you’d notice him, he’s a very distinctive person/being.






About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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