Bill the duck


It’s behind a post though, how would you take a photo of it.

There’s still a lot of dirt on there dust and everything.

I’m hunting for achievements.

Like the longest time without drinking alcohol.

There is no view.

No view of the whales.

Don’t be too angry. Things are harder to deal with than we first proposed.

I can tell that things are harder than you’re telling me they are.

That’s a scary dog.

Dogs are scary. Super scary dogs.

That toe clicking is super loud and disgusting. Stomach churning.

You could kill him in this reality. So just be super careful.

You do have the power to rewind time.

I dislike this colour of highlighter pen.

So do I, pink is a much better…

I prefer yellow myself.

I don’t like any, I think that they are the spawn of Satan myself.

No-one was asking you for your opinion.

It took so long for this solution to be found. Isn’t that super creepy and everything?

Falling from there there would really hurt.

Wearing an owl t-shirt is super cool.

He super needs help.

Creepy, creepy, creeps.

I know it too!

He’ll kill you.

Pass the blanket with a picture of a train on it. Its a little cold in here.

The full moon is shining. The full moon is rising and coming to the surface.

Hortense is a lady who would do no such thing and I will not have you besmirching her in such a manner as this.

Are you going to the dance?

The one on Friday night?

I am unsure whether I will or not.

There are still places left if you decide that you want to go.

If you want to run away with me there are places that we have to visit along the way.

Is this making you uncomfortable?

Is there a less creepy way of doing this in your opinion.

I didn’t put it in that exact manner but you certainly got the jist of it.

Pineapple dancers, dancing in pineapple robes, licking pineapple toads.

Toad custard with pineapple.

Cans of tuna elephant earrings and a giant statue of Bill the duck.

Who is Bill?

A very famous duck.

I think you made him up.

I think he is a duck that dances the rhumba and drinks Sangria.

Or was he a fighter pilot. with a limp?

Do you have a problem?

A problem with me or with the temperature.

Why would we ask that question to you?

Ducks in the pond come over here. The bread that you feed them is bad for them.

Aren’t all sisters like that?

The sister is a limpet.

Lollypop, lollypop uh… something, something.

You’re back.

What is this?

Chinese dramas are usually harder to follow the plot of.

You’ll get used to it.

The openings are always super long though.

That’s a lot of blood.

This CGI though.

That’s some strong wood.

If you’d been asleep this long you would understand any of this.

This is why you buy waterproof eye makeup.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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