Multiple contractions of the economic market are caused by dragons.

Dragons seem to be popping up a lot. Why does no-one talk about the Barghest.

I’ve seen that Barghest before.

There are stories that I want to tell you.

The you’ll have to fill in the lake. Which is something that will definitely take a long time to do.

Can you see the bottom of the lake?

You finished watching that show then?

I did too.

The loss of the background is something that will probably  be confusing to everyone. Got to replace it quickly.

The eyes of the sun are looking at you.

The eyes of the sun are looking at you? Looking at me?

The sun does not have eyes.

He has a phone though!

That would show us the obvious reasoning behind it.

This is a little embarrassing.

Embarrassment is the least of our problems right now.

No talking about what our day was like.

We need to find out the issues that are going on.

It looked molten.

Molten lava.

There are melted things that are tasty like cheese and chocolate.

Never mix the two together.

I caught that lady. She was trying to eat her husband.

The speed of light and speed of fright, sight and kites.

It’s a triple bond that causes all of the issues.

Well this is the danger that I want to get rid of.

Can you pass me the Stroganoff?

Is that the beef stewy thing?

We call them pirates out here? Is that a song?

I think so.

Can you burn that?

I’m pretty sure that you can burn anything it’s just a matter of temperature.

You could do some serious issues and, and, and problems and, or something.

Is that a naked mole rat?


Mole rat. Is there such a thing as a non-naked mole rat?

They were sure that they were still in there but it was too dangerous to send anyone in t get them.

That’s why they died.

It was a magical accident that caused a pretty big explosion.

Can you find the sinkhole?

I washed the potatoes.

You’re not to… you’re not supposed to wash them with soap.

I think there was an issue with the issues you are having problems with.

It’s the sounds that can get here.

There are a few things we can get on the bottom of the walls here and there.

You’re almost asleep there aren’t you.

Let’s go for a walk.

Did you find the empty notebooks then?

The death note…

Solving crimes and wasting time doing;

Is that the sound of someone being sick?

These powers are abnormal, we are not meant to do anything with them.

I want out of this whole entire thing.

I found something creepy. Something creepy that you should look at it.

Lot’s of colours to look at and lots of colours to express ourselves with.

Who is this Dr. Bill person? He’s wrote a lot of books so I suppose he’s a popular Dr. or something.

I remember why you are the person that I dislike the most.

Here is the fresh rebranding of the town that I have begun proposing for the coming year.

The coming years are going to be complicated but not something that we can’t do.

I believe in out power to do things.

Are you sure that we can make it to that place before the full moon rises.

That was scary to watch but there was something that i wanted to say to you.

I love how much he’s concentrated on how bad this whole place smells.

Is there a reason for that?

Let’s all go together.

Someplace cool and not dangerous. Cool and not dangerous.

That’s the plan.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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