A pat on the back


Think of the boys and what they’ve taught you since debut.

You can do it!


This is scary huh?

Well we’ve been through worse so I believe that you can do it. Okay?

Think of our bulletproof boys.

You can weather this storm.

Ten minutes to go before we set off.

That’s right. Be safe!

Safety is key. So is positivity.

Stop going cross-eyed and focus on the future!

Think positively!

This is an opportunity of a beginning.

So yesterday went pretty well huh?

I mean if you count sitting there silently like a blob of goo.

Don’t be so mean. A year or two ago we would never have come this far.

Do you remember the bedroom curtain days?

The days when she used to hurt herself? ‘Cos I do!

You did really well yesterday, we are all really proud of you.

She knows that. She was there when we told her the first time.

It’s an ad campain that’s trying to make you feel feels but it’s not working for either of us.

She’s pretty but she’d look prettier if she didn’t wear quite so much eye makeup.

It’s true that it looks a little much but she’s on TV and stuff.

You have to wear a little more because the lights wash you out.

It looks so hot in there, see how much sweat he has on his forehead.

Oh it’s just a needle. I thought that the thing was broken.

That would have been awkward.

Is your back alright now?

Wow…this guy is really creepy.

Yes that’s why he’s been kicked off.

Hopefully we won’t have to ever see him again.

So much lemon water. Tasty tasty water with a baby lemon in it.

How can you not check something like that?

They’re all terrible people that’s why.

Is there a British version of this?

I think so… take a little look around.  I’m sure you’ll find a way to find it.

You have things to do, don’t you?

We’ll help you. Don’t worry about it.

Do you need me to explain this to you?

I’m sure that we’ll be fine. We’ve done a lot of this before.

The ‘bloids, the ‘bloids the ‘bloids.

Come back later. Come back later. Come back later.

I told you he was a terrible person.


About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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