Super fluffy


1 2, 3, 4. Who’s that knocking on the door…
Why is there always one that wants to sing. You should go to broadway dear they’re the only ones that’ll put up with this racket you insist on making!
Don’t be so horrible . It’s rather pleasant hearing the young ones get excited.
I know it’s just, I have a cracking headache right at this moment.
Still hungover from yesterday?
Yup. Oww…
Go back to bed then.
I don’t want to.
Then don’t complain.
Those tiny dogs that are super fluffy are my favourites.
I like big dogs, they’re much cuter.
Isn’t the stress from this making you’re stomach feeling anything like the way that mine is?
We’re going to be busy aren’t we?
Yes but that’s how we are going to progress.
Are there any cute babies to look at?
Is your stomach as uncomfortable as mine is right now?
Always lock the doors from the inside.
That would be safer. Much safer I think.
That person was pretty busy it seems.
Busy doing bad things.
The disappearance of the bag is not a good thing or a bad thing it is just a thing.
Ahhh! The cramp is back! It is back I see.
Have you held onto something as big and uncomfortable as this? I have and it is everything that I have described to you as it being.
The whole area is dangerous. Sure but it’s not as bad as you think it is.
All of these things are thought to be linked but we are not sure if they actually are. It could be that there moments the two had shared together. The thought at this moment is that, that those two were aware of one another before this incident.
Are you sure?
It’s too early to tell.
Please help us find this man. He might be in danger.
If you want to speak to us~ just phone.
The question is though, whether your pelvis can dislocate as well as hers can. The whole thing just pops right out.
As of now we are all going to get strict with you.
I know that’ll be hard for you but this has gone beyond the realms of reason.
We’ll all be there to hold your hands and support you and stuff.
Well this guy sounds like a real catch.
Are you crazy?
I was being sarcastic you know… *sigh*
This whole place is a better place than I thought.
I know it doesn’t look like much from the outside but the inside is very beautiful.
It just looks empty more than anything.
Is there ice on the pond?
It’s the middle of August what do you think about it?
I like iced things especially, iced fruity things.
Can you hold my hand for just a little bit… I feel a little dizzy.
Just lean on me, I’ll make sure that you get home safely.
Getting home safely is very important.
Especially if it’s dark outside.
Hearing this is very uncomfortable and rather creepy. Listening to a bad person lie.
Think of fluffy ducks then if you can’t handle it.
I was outside in the rain at the time. In the storm where the rain and the puddles were found.
He does a lot of walking this fellow.
You’re getting legs…leg cramps and stuff from doing this aren’t you?
Is that Mars?
It’s certainly a planet, but it isn’t Mars!

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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