Monitor Lizard


Well that certainly went well.

It could have gone better.

The President nearly died.

Now they’ll have to find a lot of other people to fill the positions.

This guy sounds like a super, super busy person.

What could you burn to make this thing work.

I’m glad that you we’re here to experience the whole thing with me.

What a plan! What a very bad plan.

Things are a little uncomfortable. Right now your back is not all that happy. Is it  from when you banged your back on that bench.

I’ll be frank that you will hate most of the answers to your questions.

Truck, lorry, freighter.

Trees covered in tinfoil and little golden stars.

Monitor lizards.

What lizards?

Monitor lizards.

So leaving and coming back another day is also an option to doing this, I suppose.

You certainly do have a lot of things to do in this short time.

So we’re back to this then? I thought it was making you anxious?

Is this a love that won’t be broken.

It’s so sad that it wasn’t her.

I would have cried like that too.

Ohh~! This is so awkward and stuff.

Well she’s super tired and a little spikey of a person.

Oh it’s secret santa just with a different name.

Aww… that’s cute.

Wow this guy issue is super annoying.

Aww weird fighting.

That sort of stuff makes me feel uncomfortable.

Looking through his pockets is super funny.

I’d scream like that too if I was in that position.

It’s super uncomfortable for the person you like, to like your sister.

Dizzy. This makes me feel super dizzy.

Oh god that sister’s temper is terrible.

How do we make a snowman if it doesn’t snow?

That’s what art and craft materials are for. Make one out of clay.

Make one out of ice cream!

It makes me feel super bad about Christmas that’s all.

I’d never be able to get back up off of the floor.

So much fighting going on.

Aww so cute falling asleep eating like that.

Your arm has cramp in it.

Aww they’re so cute together.

I ship so many, many different things.

They’re so funny.


Your hands are super dry. Are you okay?

She can just put moisturiser on.

Oww… You need to get someone to look at your toe.

He seems like someone that will need a lot of help.

You should go and get stuff pr a drink or something it’s too hot not to drink properly.

This guy is certainly in need of some psychiatric help.

Every single minute of the day.

If you need to help him, I don’t think that you should go alone.

When the washing machine is done we need to go and fill it all up again with the stuff that is on the worktop.

You need to fill in… no find the papers and workbooks for the meeting.

They will probably help and stuff.

This guy is seriously disturbed.

What were the 80’s like?

Round here it was very bad.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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