Time travel part one



Why is the door making a creaking sound like that?

Dass ist nicht gut!


Dancing dancing.

Liver and kidney beans. Mix them up in a big pot and then add the brains.

Who am I? I am Simple Simon.

나쁜 남자 (bad man)

Ca va bien merci et toi?

Oww oww.

It was very busy at the shops.

Terry! Terry!

Of course boys over the age of five aren’t allowed in the women’s baths.

This is my mother-in-law.

Hi, ho, hi, ho.

How much is that doggy in the window?

In 1885 Queen… no Princess Alexandria…

They called it the Princess Alexandria walk.

I call it stupid.

Hector Don’t forget to take the bins out.

Dear do stop fussing! It’ll be fine.

I miss you even though your not gone, it’s like a part of you has died.

Ahh! Will you leave me alone Stanley! This isn’t some pub in Yorkshire! This is the Ritz!

Now if you season it gently with pepper then it is finished.

The house of David is not a comfortable one.

You should really change this bed.

Why, why, why? Isn’t it so much more comfortable now?

Natürlich ich bin Geschäftsmann.

If you just moved over to the left two inches everything would be fine.

Just do it, this is so pathetic. Why the f*** can’t you just get on and do things. You’re being left behind. You were always were too stupid to understand that no-one wants you. Do you get the f*****g picture. The more that you try to avoid me, the more i’ll come back.

I look pretty don’t I?

In the 14th Century the Black Death decimated the population of England, with half the population dying. This eventually led to better pay for peasants due to the lack of skilled labourers.

Ship jam… er… ship jam.

Ein hundert tausand neun hundert un zwanzig deu…

Wir hat ein gross…

1 plus 1 is gwiomi.

Oh how cute Ilhoon is. It’s sort of barf inducing really.

If you want to but this 4 in 1~ you better buy now now now because they’re selling like hotcakes.

If only you could get a hold of yourself Operation Sealion could be put into affect with immediate benefits to the civilian population.

The problem is that the spores from the alien mushroom like fungus have entered into his brain through his nose and as result of this it has begun to cut off the neural pathways.

You should have brought him to me sooner.

Is there no way to save him?

No he is beyond all out help!

Nein nein, nein, nine, nine, nine, neun, neun, neun.

The Danish Rock festival.

We need to break free from this problem/

Why don’t you ever finish everything?

Cotton wool floating in the sky like a little sheep. Come back to me and in my arms you finished stacking the water bottles yet?

Take my hand or you will fall.

Crabs are scary.

Mary Anne wash the pig and be quick about it.

If I see you around here again…

What has happened to the world?

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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