07-june-2016-73Go and brush your teeth and also get a drink as well.

There are so many bad jokes being said in here.

How much arm cramp. Can you deal with today?

It’s from carrying all those bags all the way from the town center home. They were very heavy and that made it even worse.

Getting home was worse and then her feet got all blistered from the walking.

We need to throw those shoes away.

I don’t want to.

Well just wear them around the house.

Can you see the problems that are erupting from every pore of your face?

There are so many things that I need to do today.

Why are we so tired?

You shouldn’t have eaten that pasta dish… it was entirely too garlicky and now you’re going to be in trouble.

Think positively. Don’t think about that one thing in particular, this is a warning from me okay?

I’m proud of you for drinking something finally.

You were pretty dry before so this drink should help.

I think that you need to go in the shower myself.

Find time travel puns.

So many mattresses and so little time.

I think that actually sleeping on the floor was more comfortable.

I feel more sad for her than any of the others.

Owning a lot of theatres back then was a pretty big deal.

I hope that no-one is blaming her for what happened. I think that, that she would need all of our help in this.

I am so incredibly tired.

It’s because she went to sleep so late last night.

I wanted to get to the bottom of the well.

I wanted to get to the bottom of it too.

There were three people who came to visit, but they were more terrifying than I thought that they would be.

This is the sort of lie that people make and say and stuff that makes me very anxious.

I hope that there are a great few things to see in this part of the journey.

The details that came out from the conversation were very important to the case that we were trying to crack.

Something out of the corner of her eye. Something from an extra dimension that has fallen into ours.

My nose is entirely too runny, and yours is too itchy.

For some reason the world has chosen to make her something different than the others. Maybe as something special.

Everyone was there.

You were the first person to call me.

I was the first person to get out of this place.

I was starting to feel like there was no way out of that situation as such, I managed to get the walrus off of the filing cabinets.

Lying isn’t going to get you anywhere.

Did they wire the money? Did you receive it?

Shall we get some milk? Do you think that, that is a good idea?

I am so very hot right at the moment.

Can we get up and do this now? Waiting won’t improve things.

What are the plans for today?

Because this is so old things have begun to disintegrate. It’s one of those things that can happen if you leave things exposed to the elements.

Sunlight, moonlight, traffic light, headlight, bar light, fluorescent light.

Cheese, ham, spam, turkey, sausage, kale, spinach, baby sweetcorn, Alfonse, timber, alien poops.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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