Baby ghosts

If you can follow the rules, you can get to the center of the maze. Once there you will be able to exit.

Can you get to the center without following the rules.

I think so, but no-one will tell you.

How long will people stand there and apologize to each other?

Can you get cramp like that?

Yes, it’s one of the easiest ways.

Can you understand the issues that you have to deal with?

Is there any actor that you would believe in this story?

I think not.

We all think many things but there are trees with brains as seeds.

Are there carvings in the room and there are some in the center of the waterfall?

It’s not a waterfall, it’s a fountain. There is a fundamental difference.

Between the issues on the pumpkin carvers guild and the message that we found on the walls if the bathroom.

It was written in blood.

What type of blood?

I’m pretty sure that the blood is human blood. I could analyze it for you if you want.

It’s fine we don’t need to get too much in detail about it.

Pretty much everyone has seen this film haven’t they?

This issue is something that I have been meaning to bring before the committee for some time now.

He was more deeply involved in the situation that we thought he was.

It was dangerous. So we can get to the end of the demon’s run.

Is there a reason for this? Or is this something that you’ve just took up upon yourself.

How did the house do this? It’s just a house.

I saw a car but we never thought of recording it at the time.

Why are you using a smaller car than necessary?

Blame that gut that was standing at the gate.

Houses filled with ghosts are probably more expensive than ones that don’t have ghosts.

You’re covered in ink.

I think that she knows that.

It’s a problem that never, never needed to be looked at.

She’s someone, that needs a lot of encouragement and nice things said to hear.

Can we think about all of the baby ghosts that are floating around the place.

How much do you want to be a dragon?

Not as much as you seem to think I want to.

Let us all be as calm as possible as we make our way through here.

Do we need to get to the shop?

All the baby ghosts.

All the ghosts of babies.

Clouds filled with glitter.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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