Cheesy moments

I don’t think that she should, should keep writing this.

I think that she needs a hug myself.

Well the bear is there.

It’s just being cute and stuff though.

That will help.

I’m interested in this episode of the show a great deal.

What do you think about it?

It looks super interesting.

What about this one?

I want to find the one with the cool guy in.

Do you think that we’re done today… I think that she might type instead.

There’s still steps to take so yes.

There are steps to take, but are you all that sure of taking them.

I found that all the sweet potatoes have been eaten and I am not all that happy about it personally.

I got the thing that we were looking for at the shop at the end of the road.

Where was it?

It was on that shelf where they keep all the jelly things and the angel delight packets. Right at the back is where they keep the gelatine.

Be a kind soul… What does that mean? What does it mean?

It probably not something that you should worry yourself about all that much.

Are you as itchy as she is right now?

No ‘cos she’s pretty itchy.

Sailing we are sailing on the blue salt filled shark infested waters of the sea where you melt if you go in it.

Going into the sea is not a good idea. Do you have any idea how many things that are in the deep depths.

I used to think rather shallowly that the sea was only as big as I thought that it would be. Obviously it was a little more complicated than that.

If… can you… oh those curtains need to be opened more.

Opened more, open score.

Did you see the way in which this was all planned? It was planned to be something way more amazing than it actually turned out to be.

He is a child. A flower covered child holding a toy train named Frederic.

Is that a common name for a train?

I’m not sure, when she played with trains she never named them. It was all about getting cargo to the destination for her.

I can tell you that the master of the house is away. That is why there are so many paintings on the floor.

I thought that they were there to dry on a flat surface.

They are but there was never… I mean she would never be allowed to keep them there for this amount of time if everyone else was in the house.

That’s a nice reason or a nice thing, a positive thing to think about the situation. There are things that you can do when you are alone.

Things get a little crazy after a while though.

That’s why they visited the gift shop.

Why are you diverting so much from the actual conversation that we were having ?

It was the things that were going on but I forgot to get to the button of mollusc.

Okay, well he’s definitely someone that’s gone just a little bit off their rocker.

It was reborn as a beautiful butterfly rainbow unicorn.

Unicorns are real you know.

Unicorns are really real you know.

Cheesy moments

Cheesy moments are the best.

The best of the best.

Goodnight it’s something that you say as a human being to another person.

Um… I think that everyone has been drinking too much orange juice. All the sugar is probably not going to help with things round here.

Is that a metal makeup case? I’ve never seen one before. I just use pencil cases and everything.

Well that was something and stuff I want to get to the better edge of the sharp thing.

I think super sharp things are dangerous so we should all keep away from them as best as we can.

If we meet these people I’m pretty sure that the moment of meeting them will change everything that will come after.

Coming after the past five years, I’m up for anything that can happen.

You too?

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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