Curry chips

Palms are really the tool of the future.

It’s not a tool, it’s a type of plant.

But they’ve used them for so many things.

Like what?

Setting fires, building roofs, I could go on and on.

So why have you said only two things then?

Can we just all get on without resorting to petty quarrels please?

Okay boss.

There’s no need to be so sarcastic about everything.

Alfonse will come and tickle you till you get into a better mood.

I like this cast better than a lot of the ones that have come before.

Did you know that there is a diamond at the center of the moon. That is why we were sent here in the first place. To drill for it.

I drilled to the bottom of the sedimentary rock level before the drill bit broke. I think the rock underneath will require us to use a drill bit that is stronger.

We’ve watched this part before, you should just fast forward through this part.

Is there something that you want to watch with us.

There that’s much better than it was before. Is there a way to make this situation better than it is now or before?

I think that we will have to deal with what we have now.

This music is annoying everyone.

Don’t worry they don’t use stuff like this for very long in episodes. So everyone can calm down and expect to hear something better later.

Like this marimba music?

Or this rock music.

She likes it at least.

It looks kind of creepy to be in the water there. I would be scared.

It’s because it’s dark

Just go into the shallower water.

Nothing much can get you in there when it’s only this deep.

What about snakes and stuff?

We need to make something with shells too.

I think that they are very pretty.

Remember the bracelet that we made with limpet shells.

I do.

We should look for shells that have holes in them.

Well that was weird.

That’s such a big fish.

What’s that floating in the water?

It’s a sea cucumber.

I want to make a basket like hat.

Do you think that you could make it out of grass.

Eww snakes.

I hope it doesn’t bite anyone.

Snakes can climb trees.

This is so funny.

I think that you should eat some of this.

Do you think we can cook rice today?

How much work will we have to do today.

Are we going to get some proper food. Or something.

Cooking fish like that is sort of scary.

Are you skipping without consulting me?

If your back hurts, you know what to do.

They’re fighting is part of what makes this whole situation so funny.

Is this how you’ve decided to deal with your hand cramp and stuff? You know that it probably isn’t any good for your ligaments and stuff right?

She knows what she’s doing.

She sort of knows what she’s doing.

That is the point.

A banana bandana

that pattern is pretty cute and stuff.

I want a hat like that. Why does it do that?

It’s the wire that helps is to do that and keep its shape.


Yeah, there’s one in the brim of the hat.

Bad food can make you upset and that can lead to fights. So let’s try to always make things as best as we can.

It’s so hot today.

It finally feels like summer doesn’t it.

Why did she eat something that’s spicy and then complain about being hot?

Because curry chips are one of the worlds best foods that’s why!

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I hear voices and I write about that.
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