I really think that you should eat… no put the fan on.

How could you eat a fan.

Why does his face look like that?

The coconut juice got all over it and he hasn’t washed or wiped it off after so…it’s dried on and stuff.

Nothing comes for free so this is something that can be seriously bad or something.

I would look like that too. This is a situation that is very confusing.

Switch the fan on!

Switch it on already.

Why aren’t we switching it on?

I think that she wants to open the window.

It turned out that the window was open it’s just that there is no wind to be seen or heard from at the moment.

But there was a big storm yesterday.

Yes but that was yesterday.

Marshmallows marsh mallows march mark park dark lark…

I saw an elephant the other day.

How nice for you to see something like that. I hope that you had a good time.

Why do you sound so sarcastic?

How long is a piece of rope?

You’ve been saying that a lot lately.

Who uses that programme for their emails anymore?

Her dad probably.


You’d think that by this point we would have this whole situation sorted out, but no.

She has hiccups.


But what do you want me to do about them?

Her hand’s going numb again.

I think it’s the angle that she’s sitting at.


It’s probably affecting the circulation or one of the nerves or something.

She just remembered a book that we have here in the house.

It’s in the wardrobe.

Which one?

The one that we have not the old ones which are now gone.

I remember the candles that we used to light in the wardrobe.

We should do something like that again when the place is cleaner and it’s not as dangerous.

Thinking of thing to think about is worse than thinking of things to not think about.

Follow the path that winds round the road, it will lead you to the promised place of meeting.

I met you at the house, the abandoned house at the foot of the mountain in the spring time when the trees were covered in blossom. Now three seasons have passed and we have not seen each other since.

Did you know that there is such a thing as a golden basketball? I saw one thee other day rolling down the street.

That must have been an interesting experience.

You could say that again.

Is this hurting you?

Of course it’s hurting her.

There are so many pens in there.

I know she seems to have a thing about collecting them. I admire that kind of trait in a person.

How many pink ones do you think are in there?

Not many, she’s not a particular fan of that colour of pen. Or that colour in general really.

She needs to go and get some new headphones.

I second that motion.

How is the other thing going?

What thing?

Operation limping duck.

Never heard of it.

Well that’s just because I made the name up to cover for O.S.

Ah! Well that particular operation is going particularly badly at the moment there has been no progression as of yet.

It’s something that really depends on troop morale.

Squid and octopus pie.

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I hear voices and I write about that.
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