Palm arms

At least it was a lady that went with them.

Oohhh horses.

Yes horses in a horse carrying van thing.

It has a proper name.

It has a proper name but i cant think of what that name is right at this moment.

I was trying my best.

Let’s all learn nicely together!

I think you should switch to different socks but that’s just a personal opinion.

Do you think that wood will last?

Aren’t those leaf cutter ants?

The ones that grow mould or fungus or something on chewed up leaves?

Yeah that’s what i think they would be… or something…

That’s one scary looking knife.

Knife’s are scary in general. It’s the stabbyness of them!

That sort of thing really hurts your arms!

Arms palms palm arm.

It’s really hot, frustratingly so.

Put on the fan then…idiot.

Is this video powered by typing or something.

It seems so to me at least.

It must be so hard for the crew of this to film in these conditions.


How many of them can you find on your journey.

Seafood is icky!

Well that would be very embarrassing if it happened and someone walked past.

Such a big shell for such a tiny animal.

They are so beautiful, the stars and the moon.

Are you okay?

This joke only works if you watched that drama!

She did though and she just grimaced at it.

Imagining things like that will make you sad, those sort of things are bad things.

I hope that the water is clean.

Me too. I hope that they all had a tetanus shot before going out there.

You’re stomach hurts because of all the bread that you’ve been eating all of this time.

Does it smell nice?

I wonder if it does.

Save that clam. Save the clam and eat the ham instead.

You like ham so much it’s rather weird.

But ham is nice!

I think watermelon is nice but I don’t talk about it that much!

Watermelon is infinitely better.

They used to be bigger though.

Do you know the way there though?

To the windmill?

In the windmill or round the windmill?

Anywhere were flour is made. The type that has bits of the stone in the flour mixed together.

Turn the sound down, it’s bad for your ears.

I’m glad that her dad bought her this thing.

The squishy thing? Which one?

The mouse one.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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