Things will be okay

Why do these things not stay in?

Why? It’s because they’re too big,

Do you know of someone or somewhere more comfortable?

I think everywhere will be equally as uncomfortable right now.

Why is it so hot?

I think that there are many reasons but this right now is because of the curtains being open.

Should we go and close them?

What do you think?

Um…Okay then.

Going upstairs would be better.

Or putting on a skirt.

Something active like that.

This music though.

I didn’t know that they’d ever made that movie.

Water out of that must be boiling hot.

That’s how you scald your mouth.

Are you happy with this situation?

No-one is, we just keep going.

Just keep going through this tough and lonely road.

Keep going.

I heard that before. The sound everyone’s been complaining about.

About, about, about, about, and about with stout, stout goats and goats.

Do you never think that this sort of thing is cringey?

I like this colour.

You would, red is what you are.

Why didn’t you get the tissue?

Can we not argue and just watch this together and now it’s too dark.

You know… that feeling when you’re having a really bad day…that’s the feeling that she’s having right now but that she can’t express it all that well. Let’s all hope that she get’s better at it.

It’s also a feeling of not being human. Or not feeling human.

Have the blanks started again? Those are the scariest moments.

Not yet… let’s all keep an eye out for them. ‘Cos the feeling is coming on again.

Hmm…I’m worried.

If you’re worried, how do you think she feels? Eh?

About ten thousand times worse I’m guessing.

Well she thought that this whole thing would be…different…more supported I guess.

We’re going to be alright…We’re going to be fine.

There are things that I would change…would you change them too?

She would, she feels like she was given a life that was meant to suffer, or something weird like that.

Is it weird?

Is it that weird?

I want ice cream.

You always want food.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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