When are we going to get to the things that she’s been putting off.

What if this was a double life that someone was living?

A double life? You’ve watched too many badly scripted dramas.

Oh my gosh.

So is this what were doing now?

I think so.

Isn’t it really uncomfortable though?

Is that sand or is it mud?

I think that it’s mud and stuff like that.

It could be that there is volcanic sand.

That comes from the lava being ground up.

You need to balance the rowing.

I’m good at doing stuff like this.

She is too. Do you remember?

I do.

We know that!

It must be so wet there, I’d be scared of getting trench foot.

Yup that is a very real thing that can happen if you keep your feet immersed in water like that.

I think that they are going to end up in the water somehow.

They’re doing better now!

Well it can easily go wrong in a place like this.

That and you get tired very easily from things like this.

Is it a skateboard or something.

I would be tired too, in this situation.

They’re going to get left behind at this rate.

I want to go to someplace like this too.

She’ll probably regret getting that wet later.

Yup. It’ll be super cold.

Let’s just enjoy things in a moderate fashion.

She needs to buy some new headphones.

The ones that we have only work in one ear.

I’m sure that she’ll go when she gets the opportunity to tomorrow.

This seems like a pretty bad idea what’s going on here and now. I would want some better shoes than that. It’ll all be stuck deep into the mud by now.

They really aren’t having a lot of luck in their adventure.

It was something that i had thought might happen considering everything that has happened so far.

If we were to go there where would you have gotten out.

It is what you should always tie your shoelaces tightly.

So they don’t come off in the mud of a tropical forest river.

It was something that looked just a little like hands.

Hands would be very scary. Especially in the deep, deep forest!

A salmon.

What do you do in that situation?

You be very careful and you try to ensure that you don’t bump into it as it might break the boat or tip you over.

The internet connection is really bad today.

It’s ‘cos we’re upstairs.

Mud is a great thing to play with as long as there aren’t any ants in it.

I remember when that happened. It was really scary.

They should be safer now that they’re all together.

I hope her foot doesn’t get hurt .

Me too.

What are we going to do with what is left of the bread and butter pudding?

Eat it!

Eat it?

It was a bad idea to make it in the first place.

There’s way too much bread in this girl here’s diet at the moment!

We need to encourage her to eat a lot more vegibles.


Yes vegibles…

It’s vegetables.

No vegibles.

They sort of look like dock leaves.

This is truly a terrible connection.

Well that needs to be better thought out.

There’s not enough coverage.

Trim the hedge outside. It’s starting to get a little too big.

He means that it’s too tall.

But it’s finally starting to fill out.

That’s precisely why you should trim it.

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