A fancy boy

Isn’t this in of itself a personal thing. I don’t get why she would share this and not the other things that she leaves out.

She leaves them out for a good reason.


To protect people. That’s a good enough reason for you isn’t it?

A reason like that is not easily overcome. I’ll give you that.

Why is she protecting others and not herself?

Well that’s a good center right there.

It’s what she does. She just absorbs all the dark things quietly where no-one else can see.

She swallows the dark.

If you watch the movie, you’ll see that there were other things that might have been overlooked.

I overlooked the issues that were found but the association of fools managed to get the issue on the thing.

On the thing.

Well people aren’t making much sense today.

When have people ever made that much sense round here

That is true.

It’s rather disjointed. It tends to do that.

It’s just something that you said once to try and seem like a fancy boy.

A fancy boy.

Fancy boy.

We had to do the things that we do.

You need to oil your door.

That she does.

I’ve never heard something so noisy in my life.

It’s just a few bits noisier than any other door.

It’s cute that he got so excited about that little thing.

The bobble in his hair is so cute too.

This sort of drama always makes her feel sad though.

Feeling sad is pretty normal for her. I’d say that it was a base emotion for her.

Well that doesn’t mean that it’s anything good.

Who ever said that it was a good thing. It was just a thing.

A thing that happened.

There are flowers here and there upon the hill that we walked past the other day.

Well this moment is rather awkward.

Awww. This is super cute.

It’s very cute don’t you think?

I agree but it makes me feel very awkward.

Everyone feels awkward.

It’s even more awkward when you can’t actually express what you want to say and you’re just standing there looking like an idiot.

Well this tone is rather annoying.

It’s annoying for a reason.

It’s something to do with how broken the thing is or the signal or something similar.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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