A new enemy has appeared

All the stress of trying to get the internet to work.

Have you seen how much weight. Bathilda has lost?

It’s somewhat amazing isn’t it?

Yes especially since she found the beginning so hard.

French polish that’s what that’s called.

French polish. Oh I thought it was some sort of lacquer.

We need to so something like that to the table.

Just casual. Just be casual.

We came back to work, what have you been doing in the intervening time?

Not working by the look of it!

Were you looking at dance videos? As if you can dance! *cough* You’re just a fat lump. Looking at you dance would make other people throw up. You’re that disgusting.

Don’t listen to her!

Who said that you could speak? Shut up whilst i’m talking nicely to you!

There’s a bit of a row in here, isn’t there?

Shut up and don’t poke your nose in where it’s not wanted.

Wah, wah, wah.

You’re like a beached whale…like an elephant wearing clogs. Oh such graceful steps you take. A deer on a lake has better control of it’s feet than you. What you want to ignore me? Well you ……………..can’t okay! Listen to me when i am talking to you.


Wow’s the word mate.

You think i’m another form of Alistair’s? Well that would be a very impressive change wouldn’t it. But no i’m …not.  We’re going to have a little return to Operation S.


No we aren’t.

Operation S is something that isn’t good for anyone.

I thought she’s calmed down, but apparently not.

Oh you want to talk among yourselves do you?

That’s not really any of your business.

In her opinion maybe, but she doesn’t get to have an opinion though does she?

Yes she does, she’s the one steering this vessel.

It’s called a body.

And she’s the only one that’s real.

That’s not true. We are real as well.

No we aren’t.

Can we move beyond this and deal with this weirdo? I don’t like leaving her with it.

And then you solve the math problem like this.

Now really isn’t the time for this Kyung, it really isn’t.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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