Faces in the walls

Are we going to the place we were at before or somewhere new?

I think that there are other places that we should go.

Like having a trip or something?

Yeah a trip seems like a good idea.

Did you take this many things last time that we went?

Probably, this is a family where everyone over packs.

I want to eat something that’s…

Doesn’t everyone feel sad for this guy?

Most people won’t know who he is.

It seems that things…well at least the mood of today is firmly set at sad.

Let’s fill the world with rainbows and sparkles and baby unicorns.

Is your back as bad as it was before?

We need to return to the floor I think.

A lot of preparation is needed for that.

Is there things that you want to do these are things that you have to ask yourself.


Such a bright coloured car across the road.

I’d like to listen to something that is very different from the original things.

She’s tired.

She’s always tired.

Is there something that can be gained from this.

Where did that piece go?

Now she’s going to panic about it.

I’ve seen things and done things with cake and biscuits.

How many different things that are going on can we get cake and stuff.

Games that we’re making are getting a little out of hand.

Get the box and make it blue so they know that it’s for them.

Or pink so they know it’s for them.

I played something like that.

These are cool bike tricks.

Looking at her emails is something that makes her anxious.

Time is passing.

That’s something that we all know.

Do you feel better now that you have those new headphones.

A possessed pillowcase is something that is pretty ineffective.

If you look at ghosts they stop you know. The room is very scary.

Faces in the walls is a bad idea…imagine the amount of dusting that you would have to do.

The largeness of the whole thing is a problem that keeps getting bigger as rooms are added onto the house.

Isn’t that a problem caused by the curtains pulling the rail down?

No that was something that we caused to the sea of memories.

That’s one of the things that was needed in the storm.

I followed you to the bottom of the field drain. Is there any water snakes in there?

That’s something that we all need to think about.

There’s two people out there with the same ones.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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