My ears are listening to rain.

Raindrops are beautiful.

Hand cramp is coming back again, yes?

We are on the way to the beach but it’s cold and raining so that i doubt that it would be a great time.

You were so tired earlier I didn’t know what to do with you.

Here we go again.

Here we come again.

I was singing in the forest glade with the bluebells.

Why is everything so dry in here?

There are so many memories of that time in here.

She was nine when that happened I think.

You’re right she was.

She’s so hot.

Yes. She’s very hot right now.

Don’t just focus on the temperature of the things that are around you. Think about other things!

We have so many mints.

Right now…so many mints.

Mints are tasty.

Yes, yes they are.

Wow. That was necessarily boring. More boring than things I’m used to being boring.

We are talking way too inconsistently than we usually are.

I think it’s caused a lot of problems.

I wanted to get to the bottom of the sea where there are things in the sand.

The sand is filled with tiny little shells and rocks.

Rocks that are shiny and things like that.

Why is she wearing two tops?

She was cold this morning and the inner shirt is too revealing.

I got the cramp that you develop at an earlier stage.

I met the way to the road that you made to the house.

I met an elephant the other day.

I met the elephant too.

I have ideas.

I have an idea.

We don’t want to know about you ideas!

All these old men wandering around.

Where do you think about…where do you think all the old men are going?

She’s covered in bites.

I know it’s because the window is open when she sleeps and there is bitey insects are out there.

That’s why she wanted  to do something about it.

How much time did you waste doing that thing?

This guy is so full of himself.

That’s why we’re not watching any more of it.

This music is the type of music that was popular in the 70’s.

It’s just… too soft for her I think!

It’s just a… pretty plain love song.

There’s not any meat to it…no story it doesn’t touch her she likes things that tug at the heart-strings.


About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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