Mouldy pen

Let’s get excited about this.

Let’s not get too excited about this.

How tired do you think everyone will be after this?

Someone’s just a little over excited.

You have such an itchy inner elbow.

Nose cream. Nose cream. Cream for the hole in your nose.

Has anyone ever passed out from eating it before?

I think most people would especially after being as hot as they are right now.

Oh it’s funny!

Those are so cute.

So funny~!

Why is it so hot?

Let’s take a nice rest.

This is stuff that would not be understood otherwise.

Time and space and magic are all working together in the time or the place where we all are.

I would like if it were at all possible for the two of you to calm down just a little. What were you going to do with all the time that you would have gained?

At the bottom of this all is the frog prince of Asriel who is the one orchestrating the entire thing.

We are supposed to be working you know?

Why did you eat pizza that was so hot then?

She didn’t know, you know that she struggles with telling how hot things are.

Do you not remember how often she takes things out of the microwave without any protection?

I can see the ways that these sort of things have happened.


Well it’s part of the sensory issues that she has.

Tell her to get it together and do some drawing.

Tell her yourself.

She can make her own decisions about things.

Yes but she needs a lot of our help to get through this.

Orange juice shows that she was a good person.

You really think so?

We definitely need to do a lot of work today.

We need to wash this pen.


It smells mouldy.

Like cheese?

No like a sandwich left in a plastic bag in the bottom of a school bag sort of mouldy!



She certainly has a lot of pens.

You could say that I suppose.


Lot’s of uploads, lots of work.

Should we work on something to go here, do you think?

A drawing?

Like a logo or something?


I’m still looking for something!


She’s not, she’s just been busy.

I have ideas for things and so does she.

Well that went much better than I thought it would be.

It did, didn’t it?


About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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