That’s what tomorrow is for

That’s not what I said.

I know but it fills some of the space that’s left.

You didn’t say it but I did.

Can you hold this stick for me for a few moments whilst I pop into this shop.

Don’t get too excited by all of this, I’m telling you right now.

Nothing lasts forever…butterflies and stuff like that.

I thought that you were going to say something really poetic or something.


No-one ever gets the time to do something like that in here.

Can we change the word or is this something that we have to use?

Argh the toe cramp is back again!

How much cramp do we have to go through before we, reach the other side.

The cramp has moved up into the calves as well though.

Why is this taking so long to save?

It’s probably a lot to do with the file size.

File sizes are confusing to me.

Are you crying?

Nope just yawning!

Well this is a terrible thing to hear from someone.

The taste would be the last thing to cross my mind.

It would be something I would just want to avoid all together.

Keep writing please.

Tired, tired, tired. Dw i wedi blino.

나는 매우 피곤하다. (I am very tired)

Um…i’m tired too.

Can you pass those biscuits, they’re not biscuits they’re crackers.

Crackers with seeds and stuff in here.

Is that a place you’ve been there before?

New things are here in the kitchen and I know that you are distracted by them but we’ll make out way through this as best as we can.

We’ve watched this work on the website.

She knows that.

That’s what tonight is for.

We need to brush our teeth as well.

You like this so much right now.

How many times do we need to see this guy, behind his horse?

He didn’t behead him, just slashed his throat.

It’s something he did because he’s angry I think.

What did the poor horse ever do to anybody? That’s what I want to know.

That poor horse.

Are you tempted by this video to go look at the field full of horses or not?

I would go and see them.

That’s what tomorrow is for.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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