There’s three flavours

Maybe you should watch this film again. 
I think that the movie should never be watched again by anyone on this earth.
Look at the way the ducks are swimming on the pond outside of the house.
What things are on the pond right now?
I'll follow you to the end of the cloud from where the glitter originates.
Let's listen to something else shall we? Eh?
What is she writing? Oh wait, I think I've answered my own question.  How long do you think she'll do this?
As long as they and her than... Um well as long as she has the motivation to do it I think. She tends to get ideas and then leave them behind. 
Shall we call him Mr Turtle then?
Is there money to be made in doing this thing or is this just going to be a hobby. 
There is no such thing as just a hobby. 
Can we get to the bottom of the well easily?
If you want to get to the bottom of the well you'll have to use a ladder...unless you want to break you're arms and legs.
Haven't we already had this conversation?
Yes you have I wish we all wouldn't revert to these sorts of conversations.
Doing stuff like this makes it easier than you would think it would be.
All of the pineapples are exploding in front of us.
He's not as short as you would think about. 
I destroyed the whole thing.
There was one thing that I found into the bottom of the...the center of the sun. 
How much can you withstand?
I guess you're trying to take a vest or something.
Let's all go on a tangent..
Marshmallows are tasty but the most I can eat in one sitting is two...or otherwise it will make me feel all sorts of sick.
It's not as bad an idea as we once thought that it would be.
The grinding of the ice that we are standing on is something that I wanted to get...
Ice cream was a good idea but we no longer needed to get it to eat it.
Leaves on fire with desire and fire and desire and leaves of meat and lettuce and stuff like that.
I think it was my sister's knee.
Who do you think would be able to fix that sort of thing.
Is there something that you would get for something like this?
I think that is something that can be fixed with magic.
I don't want to play the clarinet it seems like it's something that will take a long time to learn.
How do we all get through all the red tape?
Neck pain seems to get worse day by day here.
Shall we ensure that the pain is reduced.
I know that, that's why we are going to do something about it.
You should go over there and do the thing that you were thinking of doing.
What's going on in here?
Potentially a lot of arguing. That's what might be going down. 
When did all of this happen?
You were there and then you should have seen the thing that you are asking about.
Wow! Everyone's gotten a little disjointed in here haven't they? Ha ha ha ha.
I've gotten a little problem with everything that's been going on in here.
Medical pants.
Do you mean medical plants?
I'm good at making voices like that.
Like what?
The voices of creepy people.
He never had the same voice twice for the characters.
Well that show looks entirely too cringey to watch.
I agree I hate it when things like that happen.
I'm sad about that too.
This must be a very embarrassing thing to say to someone.
They really go big with the set decoration for this don't they?
Oh~! So embarrassing.
She's not spelling very well today. 
That's because it's so bloody hot in here today. 
The ink is inside it.
Oh it's just that I was curious about how one would write with those, that's all. 
People used to use feathers to write. Like ones from ducks and stuff.
There's three flavours, you get two of each .
That makes it up to six.
A number that in this family isn't a great one.
Can you eat an extra one?
The one that we have is more than enough.
I agree. 

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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