A happy ending

I had an issue with these sort of things.

There are too many different things that are going on.

I think that there are problems with the thing but we can deal with it.

It was the worst second. The worst of all worst seconds.

I need something better than this.

We all do.

I wonder what is going on with everything.

We all do.

How can she do everything she wants to today when she’s this tired.

That’s why we made so much tea to drink. What else would we have drank?

If she’s tired how will this end?

When she goes to sleep of course.

Let’s watch what we really want to watch and feel calm about it.

Is this the end?

I think it is, unless there is a special episode or something.

How do we even end it at this point.

She needs to go get a drink. I know at least that much.

This ending is giving us all upset stomachs.

Let’s find ourselves a happy ending.

Is an ending like that possible?

What else can there be?

I refuse any other ending than that.

Did no-one worry about how he’s in a hospital gown. Surely they would have seen it.

Why would you keep someone somewhere so obvious?

Maybe that is part of the point behind this place.

He wants to be found? Or is he hiding in plain sight?

Urgh all of that is creepy.

I acknowledge that but then he’s not someone that we wouldn’t think those sort of thoughts about is he?

I really hate his hairstyle.

Don’t hate anything. Hate poisons you. Just dislike the hell of a lot.

I would be so bored in there.

So bored indeed. I think we all would be if we were in there. But we’re not in there are we?

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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