Candyfloss clouds

I wanted to drink something but I got distracted.

I lost my drink in the swamp.

Isn’t a swamp just a really big drink?

A big drink of cholera.

Escape the swamp.

Escape the sea oe the swamp whichever you decide is easier.

I decided that trying would be easier.

I was stuck in the sky for a while but I ate my way through the candyfloss clouds.

That sounds like you ate a great deal of sugar.

I think he just got lost in a carnival or something.

I looked at the clouds and they are the same pink colour as the candyfloss you were talking about.

The pink is caused by the setting sun.

Do you think so?

I know so. I know enough about science to know this.

There was a torso in a field.

What type of torso was it?

A human torso?

No the torso of a mannequin.

Is that how it’s pronounced.

A pond on the mountain?

Do you mean a lake?

No a pond. It’s very small.

A house n the mountain. A house on the mountain surrounded by the herbs of the forest.

Is there a tail on the lizard monster?

A tail?

I don’t think so. Christopher didn’t draw one too.

There are some very stupid things that bad people do.

That’s definitely one way to get caught.

Why would you make a video about the crime that you had just done? I think that that’s pretty stupid.

A genius chicken.

A chicken with a degree in physics.

Particle physics.

Something like that anyway.

How many chickens would you take to a barbecue? ‘Cos I really don’t know what to do with these chickens.

I think that chicken will get eaten one way or another.

I broke my nose on the side of that mountain.

Some would say finally, but I wouldn’t.

About your son?

People achieve things at different rates. It takes some a little longer than others.

I was once a duck a very big duck, one that had some pretty fancy feathers.

Fancy feathers and a bad attitude. That was you back then.

Back then I had a lot of problems.

That doesn’t mean that you can behave terribly towards other people, blaming it on the past.

Just try your best.


About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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