We’re having so many problems right now.

Can you think of a good name for this baby boy that I found in the woods?

I would call him Terence.


It’s a good name. Maybe you might think it a little old-fashioned but it’s a little name that I like.

What do you like?

I’m sorry Dave couldn’t marry you, he died last night.


That’s the sorts of bits that I live for.

Chocolate is a medium that I would choose to work with if I wasn’t so tempted to eat it.

What are you tempted to eat?

Why chocolate of course.

Would it be a clean break?

How could it be?

It’s the lizard man.

What could be less holy than this?

Pretty much everything we’ve seen since the age of fourteen.

A knitted scarf that turned into a cushion.


You just wind the scarf around itself.

There’s a small amount of sewing involved too I think.

Let’s take a little rest.

A rest or two me thinks.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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