Looks pretty grim to me, Sir

You’d need another strap for that bracelet after a while.

It would definitely snap at some point.

It’a definitely actually.  Just so you know.

Thank you for your help.

Everyone’s having problems speaking properly right now.

You’re back won’t hurt as much if you wear a sports bra, you know!

I think she knows that.

Then why isn’t she doing that…or wearing that?

She will later on.

So we just have to wait till she’s finished doing this thing she’s doing.

But it’ll be really hot by then.

Well that’s the price we’ll all have to pay for not getting up early enough.

I don’t know how much space this thing is going to take up, but let’s keep going. All of this is rather fun.

She listens well this one doesn’t she?

Yes it’s why we all like her after all.

Why else would all of us have stayed this long.

How else would we stay if this wasn’t somewhere we wanted to stay.

My stomach was full of problems like hers but it settled down when I calmed down. Less stress is very helpful.

It’s helpful for everyone.

Why go there in the first place?

He’s certainly in a lot of trouble right now.

What do you think about the situation?

Looks pretty grim to me Sir.

How does one flesh out a character? How do you bring it to life?

I would have taken it with me, How about you?

Yes I think that that’s the best option.

Eww. Everyone always coughs up blood in these.

I wonder why?

It’s dramatic.

Well that’s true.

I give you that.

Why is the internet so bad though?

There’s probably a lot of people watching right now.

Switching to a smaller window size might help.

Well she followed your suggestion.

Yes but now she needs to go brush her teeth.

That’s got to be scary.

Uhuh. Coughing up blood all alone.

Why isn’t it loading properly. TT~TT

Have you seen what you want to see yet?

No I want to see how we get to the ending.

Ewwww. So much blood.

It’s too early for it to end this way.

Let’s wait a little bit to see if it loads better that way.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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