Pool hall cave

Are you as tired as you seem?

I think she is. She’s been doing a lot today.

I think…

Can people stop saying ‘I think.’ No-one cares.

Well I get that you don’t like people talking about their thoughts but you’re being rather rude.

Who’s being rude? Jeri? Oh yes it is Jeri.

Well…well…well… What do you want me to do about it?

I want you to play by the rules.

Rule one round here is to be quiet when she’s doing something important.

Why has she forgotten so many things?

It’s because she hasn’t had to use them for so long.

Which pen would you use if you had to use them for so long?

Which pen would you use if you had to use a pen?

I had times and time unspooling around them. Untwisting, unravelling the material that makes the universe.

There are certainly a lot of pens around here.

She seems to like to collect them.


Did you do the thing I asked of you?

I asked a lot of things in the darkness of the cave.

The cave behind the pool hall.

The one with the magical sparkling crystals.

Upon each crystal is the memory of the water that brought it here.

Here in the dark, they don’t have many opportunities to shine.

I brought a candle into the night. A candle against the dark.

I visited a place that I haven’t been to for quite some time now! It was surprising to see the things that are carrying on. Without my attention you too can carry on and live your life well.

Wellness and laughter and talking and smiling and talking and smiling.

How much poetry can someone possibly read?

How can you read that much poetry?

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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