Stinky, old and grumpy

Is there anything that you would like  to write?

I think that there are many things that you would like to say. Many things to be done and many battles to be won.

How did you fix the thing?

I really don’t have any idea how that happened.

What can be done about it in the end anyway?

I would have done something that you all would have found to be amazing.

Amazing you say?

I see no evidence of you ever have being amazing.

Are you sure that last sentence made sense?

I’m pretty sure.

All you say is ‘I’m pretty this’ and ‘I’m pretty that’, are you sure that you’re not trying to say that you’re pretty ‘cos you for sure aren’t. We all know that to be true. The time of Alistair is over, my time to reign over this domain has come. Aren’t you all going to greet me?

No. Why would we?

All you are is a stinky, old, grumpy lady. Why would we be scared of you? You of all people?

Why are there so many  updates, all we want to do is finish watching our drama?

Things need to be updated or they won’t work.

What sort of things?

Electrical things mostly. There’s often a problem with compatibility.

Why are you so bad at spelling?

Is everyone just going to ignore me?

That seems to be plan at the moment yes!

I won’t stand for it.

Then sit down.

Why is her neck so stiff?

I think it has a lot to do with the position she slept in last night.

What position?

You were there, you should know.

Well, I’m not very observant.

Well…get better at it.

Are we going to go outside today?

Yes after we finish this thing and then get changed.

How did you feel about the whole thing? I know that I feel much happier knowing everything that was going on. But then, you’re not that particular type.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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