Bells and wells

Breezes blow by all of us, taking things that glitter and shimmer in the way that you want them to.

Is it impolite to talk about something like that?

I think that you wanted to do the best thing. That’s not what happened though.

In the end… no it wasn’t.

Can we all hold hands and forget about it.

I think everyone should hold hands and forget about it or at least forgive what was said and done.

Let’s all move on.

What should we do tomorrow?

All the things that we were scared of.

Let’s all go up to the bedroom where everything would be much more comfortable.

Growing things is amazing you can create something from something so small. Imagine the tree that will grow from this seed.

Growing something that will live at least for awhile.

Less than half of them are interested in this.

Lobster hotels and rotting smells.

We returned to the lobster hotel once again.

Is there a buffet at the lobster hotel?

It probably contains a hell of a lot more lobster than you would think it would have.

I thought that it would have no lobster because i thought it would be a hotel for lobsters.

Lines leaking songs through from the fourth dimension. A dimension of crystal flowers and golden bells.

Bells and wells.

How could we swing from one side to another?

Use a vine like the ones in the movies and such.

Write the story that you’ve been meaning to. I know that you can do it.

Well done for drinking properly today.

We need to look into a lot of problems that are going on here.

Don’t go near the tiger unless you want to be mauled by it. That’s just some good advice from me to you.

Thank you for that.

Although tigers are cute and stuff but they are dangerous too.

Scary and dangerous.

I’ve got nothing to lose. Keep on the brightside.

Ewww soaking wetness….eww.

I have so many chickens here and there among the farms and fields.

What would you do with a chicken other than eat it.

Eating a bird.


All that stuff.

I think that something is going to happen soon, don’t you think?

She was something that you wanted to be taken, were you planning to get out of here? Out of here and stuff.

My face is very oily and all of that.

I got more time than you would think that you would have.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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