Cabinet of mysteries

There are so many things needed to look after skin that has erupted in that many rashes.

There are problems that can be solved through a variety of medicines.

Medicines that will help the problem are here in the second drawer of the cabinet.

The cabinet of mysteries?

It may look like the cabinet of mysteries to you but they’re just medicines.

She was born in the year of the rooster too.

Really? What does that mean?

What would you like me to talk about  then if you’re so scared of roosters?

It’s chickens in general actually.

What should we do instead then?

She once knew someone that had a phobia, a fear of balloons.

Well that makes sense though doesn’t it?

Does it?

They can pop at any moment.

It’s like holding a hand grenade.

The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.

Stop thinking about Monty Python.


Stop her from worrying then instead.

I’m afraid that, that’s pretty much impossible. We’ve tried a lot. A lot of different techniques. All of the techniques!

I’ve worked with people that heard things because they are going deaf.

You were chosen to do great things.

To do terrible things.

To overcome the problems that have been put before us.

If you were treated this badly because of a scar on your face, you too might become a terrible person later on.

It looks like dirt maybe it’s a crushed persimmon though.

This mother is a huge problem though.

She’s going to cause a lot of problems between them later.

Well that seems to be her purpose in life and he drama.

A tree like that is a good sitting tree.

A tree to sit in that’s comfortable.

Windows staring through the rain.

Rain sliding past sparkling in what’s left of the daylight. Passing as quickly as a fork of lightening.

Is your body falling apart?

Not quite yet.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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