Calm, think calmly.

I have moments like that as well too you know? Should be working but she’s doing this instead.

What are you doing?

Why are you even worried though?

What is this even going to do?

Spooky, scary skeletons.

Calm. Think calmly.

The background of the music is bad but still there’s something there. The music is easy to listen to something that’s peaceful.

What could be worse than the two that we’ve already heard.

It was actually not that bad, all things considered.

Have you seen the plan that I had for today? ‘Cos I can’t remember what any of them were…

I like bad things though. I appreciate them and so does she.

This guy is being super mean.

This is why it’s so awkward in there I mean… kindness doesn’t cost you anything.

Fight, fight this.

Writing the stories of the elves, stories told long ago. Stories from the wild, wild hinterlands we wandered in days of yore.

What sort of spelling would you have made?

A much, much cooler one i’m sure.

Sure of what?

Sure of who?

Who goes there?

There is there and where is where,

In talks at the bottom of the ocean. That is where our love rots away unmarked and unmissed by all.

All and sundry know the way to the deep fathoms of your mind.

Follow the path that stands before you. Keep me in mind.

A long and winding path stands before you.

This all stems from jealousy. You’re standing at a place that is much higher than them and they want to drag you down to meet them instead of climbing up to meet you.

That’s the way things can be in this world.

Is the bleeding stopped yet?

Is it stopped.

I didn’t even know that it had started.

Well now it’s done.

Nosebleeds are rather annoying are they not?

Who would enjoy it?

Not even vampires would like them the blood would be all dirty.

There’s dust all up in there at the very least.


What sort of dream would you chase>

Chas across the cosmos.

I feel like that too. The feeling of being overwhelmed.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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