It’s not something you can hide


It depends on whether you ever think you might have to see this person again. Think about that and grade your reply in a way that will make you feel the beast but also ensures your future safety. That would be my advice to you but I can understand you wanting to do something more dramatic.  

I know that you didn’t mean it in that way. That is why I stood up for you so much in the meeting. I hope you know that there are people on your side.

Moving on to things with more meaning.

The suspicion of the way that you were going

The suspicion that we all hold about you.

The apple that you wanted to eat earlier would have been something that you could have if you hadn’t been such a bad person before. If there had been something that you wanted as much as this, would you have been able to do this as well as we have been able to do something like this?

How does one relieve pelvis cramp

How does one relieve pelvis cramp in public

It’s not something that you can hide

The muscle is in an awkward place to massage

At least without looking like a pervert.

Why is it that the part of my body that hurts the most right now

 Is somewhere hard to deal with.

This whole game is very stressful to listen to. I wonder how stressful it would be to actually listen to it.

Don’t you mean to play it?

Yes, I’m just distracted.

The pens are very bad and near the ends of their lives.

What does that even mean?

A lot of them are nearly at the end of the ink and maybe that’s the reason why they are so hard to use.

It’s really cold here too which isn’t helping at all that much right now.

her feet are going numb.

What more else would you want me to say in this situation?

I have no idea, what I want is for us to have a civil conversation for once in our lives, Stan!

Are you alright? The typing is hurting your wrists, right?

I’m sure that she’ll be okay, she does this every November and we manage to make it through most years.

Coming from the top of the library stairs is a ghost that I met there before.

The ghost that drips water all over everything that it passes by?

Yes, I’m pretty sure that it’s a water ghost but I have no idea why it’s in the library.

Maybe it died there.

But there is no water there and that has never been any water there.

I wonder why all of these things have been happening lately.

Well, it was Halloween pretty recently.

Yes, I suppose so but I think that there is more to things than meets the eye.

The cup of water over there has a ghost in it. That’s why I haven’t had a drink from it yet.

Is it a water ghost.


Then why is it there?

I haven’t asked it yet.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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