Spooky music

1 plus 1 is 2. 2 plus 2 is 4. 4 plus 4 is 8. 8 plus 8 is 16. 16 plus 16 is 32. 32 plus 32 is 64. 64 plus 64 is 128.

Can we please not do maths right here and right now.

I want to explain to you the idea that I have had recently.

Go ahead then.

I want to draw a picture of a dog wearing a tutu and not looking all that happy about it.

Why do you want to draw that?

Would you look happy if you were wearing a tutu?


Then why would a dog when dogs don’t even need to wear clothes? That’s what their fur is for.

Some small dogs need to wear coats in the winter when you walk them ’cos they get cold.

Yes but that’s for medical reasons.

How did we even manage to make it this far along the trail? I thought that you would have wanted to turn back before now. You have very little stamina when it comes to these things.

I want to see the waterfall. I heard that it’s one of the most beautiful places on the earth. There’s candles and stuff behind the waterfall in a cave there that people have made, it’s rather pretty sounding.

See talking to people isn’t all that bad now, is it? I’m sure you’ll be fine at all the places that you have to go in the coming days and weeks.

I want you to know that we are all behind you in this. It’s time to get out of the house.

Why this is all taking place in November when you’re so busy doing all of this I have no idea but we’ll all be behind you in your efforts.

The effort that you’ll have to put behind this is huge but we can make it.

The dog that you walked past earlier looks really cute.

I wanted a dog but she says that she’s allergic.

She is allergic that’s why.

I want never gets, you know that.

Why is the moon lopsided?

It’s because there isn’t enough sticky tack on the back of it.

The butterfly that is on the door is pretty but aren’t you afraid that it will fly away?

It’s made of plastic. So it won’t.

Everyone thinks that everyone else is in a satanic cult.

Can we keep away from this sort of talk?

It’s windy.

It’s the sort of weather that you want when you go out to fly a kite.

I wanted to do that sort of thing but there isn’t anywhere near where you can do this sort of thing.

The thing that had been floating in the pond is gone now.

One of the kids from the secondary school has probably taken it with them.

They’d have had to get into the pond to get the thing.

Or they’d have had to have been carrying a fishing pole with them.

A small problem with the things on the patio is that the patio isn’t very sheltered. I’m sure that the umbrella will keep the wooden furniture dry for now but not later when the weather is worse.

If you were to walk into the sea I would come with you.

You would go with her? I was sure that you were the sort of person that would run away.

Aren’t you scared of water?

That’s what I was thinking.

This is spooky music.

But Halloween is over, isn’t it?

For some people, Halloween is every day.

Clippety clop, clippety-clop. How many horses can you hear? One, two, three. Clippety, clop. Clippety-clop.

I met a man on the bus from the paper cup factory.

The paper cup factory? I didn’t know that it was even still open.

The habits that you have gained aren’t any good for you.

They aren’t any good for anyone else either.

Let’s keep going on our way to the end!

The way to the end is through the mystical cave filled with magical crystals. The ones that I have told you about before.

Is the ending something sad because if it is I want to get some things prepared?

You knew it would be. You know it will be, so get some tissues ready.

Tissues are a waste of paper.

Then use a handkerchief then.

Where would you even get a handkerchief from?

I think that if you ask her she’ll make you one.

About voicehearingnotes

I hear voices and I write about that.
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